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Featured & Popular

Coinme New May Logo


Coinme Exchange makes investing directly in cryptocurrency simple, easy, and safe! Speak with a Coinme crypto expert today, to buy, sell, and trade inside your Rocket Dollar retirement account.

FarmTogether Logo

Farm Together

Invest in US Farmland. Preserve and Grow your Assets. Combine Bond-Like Risk and Equity Like Returns.  

Master Passive Income Logo

Master Passive Income

Real estate investing is simple when you have the right step-by-step system and the right coach. Master passive income is here to give you the courses, the coaching, and the community of investors to make you a successful real estate investor. Create a real estate business with your retirement account and retire wealthy.

Regiment Tombstone


Regiment is a digital investment bank that utilizes reg-compliant marketplace technology to connect emerging entrepreneurs with earnest investors.

All Investments

Real Estate

There are a number of ways to invest in Real Estate. Whether it’s a single-family rental or participating in a commercial real estate fund, there are plenty of options to consider. 

Master Passive Income Logo

Master Passive Income

Real estate investing is simple when you have the right step-by-step system and the right coach. Master passive income is here to give you the courses, the coaching, and the community of investors to make you a successful real estate investor. Create a real estate business with your retirement account and retire wealthy.

CalTier Realty

CalTier Realty

CalTier provides our investment partners access to commercial-grade, often off-market, cash-flowing multi-family opportunities. Through our SEC qualified Reg A fund investors can start as low as $500 and invest into a portfolio of managed multi-family assets. It’s a simple way to diversify your investment portfolio in a passive way.

Spot on Equity Fund Logo

Spot on Equity Fund

Spot on Equity Fund seeks to acquire, develop, and manage quality real estate assets in the state of Texas with the intention of providing participating investors with a real estate focused investment opportunity that combines income, principal investment growth, and capital preservation.

Wall to Main

Wall to Main

Wall to Main is a multifamily operator that has built a UBIT calculator to take all the guesswork out of passively investing with your SDIRA. Our investors get a clearer picture of the entire process when passively growing their retirement.

Pinnacle logo

Pinnacle Storage Properties

Pinnacle Storage Properties is a privately held, national real estate owner-operator focused on the acquisition, development, and management of self-storage assets.

Pioneer Realty Capital Logo

Pioneer Realty Capital

Pioneer Realty Capital is nationwide direct lender that provides commercial real estate owners and investors with access to the full range of commercial real estate financing solutions with expert advisory. Our ability to finance all levels of the capital stack, and our lending products are designed to finance the full life cycle of your property.

Lonestar Development Partners Logo

Lonestar Development Partners

Lonestar Development Partners (LDP) focuses on multi-family development with mixed-use urban infill, single-family rentals (SFR), and garden-style products. LDP has successfully financed $212,600,000 in mixed-use and SFR projects in the central Texas area, creating 1,077 new units.

Prospera Logo


For nearly ten years, Prospera's team has yielded over 9% net returns to investors with its bridge lending fund. That track record, plus decades of development and finance experience is now parlayed into the premier private real estate equity offering.
S&H Capital

S&H Capital

S&H Capital is a boutique investment management company for accredited investors. We specialize in Class B and C Multi-family Real Estate in middle- and smaller-tier markets across America.

Janover Ventures

Janover Ventures

Technology-enabled, non-recourse multifamily and commercial real estate financing. 

Sabot Development Logo

Sabot Development

An Experienced Commercial Real Estate Firm with over $500M+ of CRE Transactions Since 2010. Experience includes developing, acquiring and disposing of income producing residential and commercial investment property. Jim Young of Sabot Development has participated in the development of over one hundred projects as a Broker, Partner or Principal. These range from net-leased single-tenant, retail centers, to multifamily apartments.

Aerial Investment Management Logo Tombstone

Aerial Investment Management

Aerial Investment Management believes that in today’s uncertain environment it is best to be prepared for a potential market correction. Aerial targets recession focused real estate assets.

EquityDoor Logo Larger Logo

Equity Door

By eliminating the traditional cost, complexity and reliance on big banks and real estate insiders, EquityDoor opens the door to build real estate equity for anyone with as little as $1,000 to invest.

Next Gen Capital Logo

NextGen Real Capital

NextGen Real Capital is a third-generation investment group specializing in value-added real estate. Our strategy is three-fold: recognize opportunity, connect partners and amplify wealth.



AcreTrader is an investment platform that makes it easy to own or sell shares of farmland and earn passive income, starting in just minutes with an online account.

Mainstay Global

Mainstay Global

Mainstay Global offers high-quality real estate investment funds.  With a strong emphasis on due diligence, Mainstay seeks optimal risk-adjusted returns for our investors. 

CityVest Logo


CityVest provides SDIRA investors with access to top-tier institutional real estate private equity funds with audited track records of impressive returns. Check out our smart and easy online investment platform to Browse / Investment / Benefit.

Quilan MacKay Logo

Quinlan MacKay

Real-Estate Investing was meant to be easy.
Now it is.

SDIRA Wealth

SDIRA Wealth

SDIRA Wealth helps their clients protect, accelerate and diversify their retirement portfolio using the benefits of real estate and the power of leverage.


VCM Logo

Vinito Capital Management

VCM builds and manages premium international vineyard funds to help our clients reach their financial, and lifestyle goals. VCM's goal is to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors and the vineyards we partner with.

Bitcasas Group Logo


Purchase digital tokens backed by Commercial and Residential mortgage loan notes. 

BCP services logo

BCP Services

Comprehensive buyer and seller real estate services, including finding homes, listing homes for sale, market analysis, property evaluation, and more.

DeRose Group Logo

The DeRosa Group

The DeRosa Group "transforms lives through real estate” by offering passive investments, strategic partnerships with seasoned investors, and “Real world” educational resources.

Private Debt and Equity

These partners are democratizing access to new opportunities. They make it easy to invest through a variety of private equity and debt structures.

Regiment Tombstone


Regiment is a digital investment bank that utilizes reg-compliant marketplace technology to connect emerging entrepreneurs with earnest investors.

Baymark Partners Logo

Baymark Partners

Baymark Partners is a private equity firm that has 10 years of experience acquiring growth companies in the services, health care, manufacturing and tech industries.



Carofin is an investment bank – not a crowdfunding platform. They strive to create compelling investment opportunities which perform as projected for investors, while meeting the financing needs of security issuers in a professional, ethical, fair, innovative, and efficient manner.

Iron Condor Logo

Iron Condor Capital

An alternative strategy to generate uncorrelated income.



Next-Generation Investment Platform. Get high performing quant hedge fund strategies and reach for higher returns.

Cadence Logo


Cadence is unlocking access to exclusive high yield, short term investments traditionally reserved for institutions.

DarcMatter Logo


A global investment platform for alternative investments. Where investors (LPs) directly & transparently access funds, and fund managers (GPs) raise capital.

Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain based offerings

Invest directly into cryptocurrencies in your retirement account by purchasing from an exchange. Participate in fund structures and invest in companies utilizing blockchain technology.

Gemini Logo


Gemini Trust Company, LLC (Gemini) is a cryptocurrency exchange and custodian that allows customers to buy, sell, and store digital assets. Gemini is a New York trust company.



AAVE is an open-source, decentralized non-custodial money market protocol on Ethereum. Uses can participate as depositors (provide liquidity to earn passive income), or as borrowers to borrow in an overcollateralized or undercollateralized fashion.

Drawbridge Lending Logo

Drawbridge Lending

Operating as a CFTC regulated Commodity Trading Advisor (“CTA”) and Commodity Pool Operator (“CPO”), DrawBridge Lending will initiate USD loans on a blockchain, and protect borrower assets and lender capital using a third-party, qualified and insured custodian, and advanced risk management strategies.


Crypto4Winners (C4W)

Crypto4Winners (C4W) is a decentralized and registered crypto investment fund. Join us, sign up, transfer your Bitcoin and get regular passive income.

Chain Haven

Chain Haven

Chain Haven is for those who want long-term exposure to Bitcoin and/or Ethereum. Especially those who already hold coins and ride out the immense volatility. Our strategy can take advantage of this volatility to acquire more coins without adding capital, selling, or shorting.

Straight Up Capital

Straight Up Capital

Investing in decentralized tech, blockchain protocols, and digital & crypto assets.



Coinme Exchange makes investing directly in cryptocurrency simple, easy and safe! Speak with a Coinme crypto expert today to buy, sell and trade inside your Rocket Dollar retirement account.



Celsius Network is the first blockchain-based borrowing and lending platform designed to act in the customer’s best interest. The Celsius wallet app provides members with access to curated financial services not available through traditional institutions. Users can earn on 16 different digital assets as well as use their crypto as collateral to borrow fiat or stablecoins at competitive rates.

Early Stage Investing

Get early access to new and exciting opportunities across various industries and products. These platforms give investors access to up and coming companies.

Republic Logo


Angel investing — hunting for a unicorn — was previously available to only the wealthiest 3% of the US population. With Republic, everyone can invest in private startups for a chance to earn a return.

Digital Film Fund Logo

Digital Film Fund

A Fintech World Group company, Digital Film Fund is an entertainment investment platform that brings transparency, security, and liquidity to film and entertainment investors using blockchain technology.

Kingscrowd Background Logo


KingsCrowd provides institutional grade rating and analytics tools to support retail investors in the new "equity crowdfunding" startup market.

Netcapital Logo


Netcapital is a website where you can buy and sell stock in private companies.

Luna Capital

Luna Capital

 We are crowdfunding private equity debt for accredited investors. We focus on profitable, e-commerce, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies.



OurCrowd is a global venture investing platform that offers accredited investors and wealth managers access to leading private tech companies and venture funds.



Dealbox is a FinTech merchant bank that raises capital for issuers by securitizing assets of emerging growth companies in disruptive industries of the future. 

Title3Funds Logo


Title3Funds is a FINRA-approved Regulation Crowdfunding investment platform registered with the SEC. They help promising small companies to raise capital and provide unrestricted access to browse these companies for potential IRA investment.



Crowdfund NC provides the education and services needed to enable North Carolina startups and existing businesses to get funded using a variety of online private and public offering strategies including Investment Crowdfunding.

EnrichHer Logo


EnrichHER Funding connects revenue-generating women-led companies seeking up to $250,000 with accredited, non-accredited or institutional lenders.

wealthblock ai


WealthBlock.AI is a technology firm with a passion for fighting for the underdogs by giving everyday people equal access to the world's best investment opportunities.

HoneyComb Credit Logo

Honeycomb Credit

Honeycomb Credit supports locally-owned, "Main Street", small businesses by allowing them to borrow expansion loans from their own loyal customers, community, and fans.

Mr. Crowd

Mr. Crowd

MrCrowd.com is an equity crowdfunding portal dedicated to helping small-to-medium sized companies to raise funds. 

1000 Angels Logo

1000 Angels

Investing in startups the smart way with 1000 Angels: get highly vetted early-stage private equity investments with zero management fees or carried interest.

Physical Assets

Invest in raw land, natural resources, or precious metals. Portfolio diversification is made simple with these classic investments.



You may not know that many brands, both large and small, finance their inventory production. On Kickfurther, you can fund this inventory and receive a part of the profit as it sells! Your funding is asset-backed and platform returns from the last two years are over 14%.



Invest In US Farmland. Preserve and grow your assets. Combine bond-like risk and equity-like returns.

Eckard Land & Acquisition Logo

Eckard Land and Acquisition

Investing in oil and gas minerals in proven oil and gas shale basins. Then, maturing the mineral assets over set timeframe, and liquidating part or all of the mineral assets when the time is right.



FarmFundr is a farmer-owned, equity crowdfunding platform focused on specialty crop operations in the United States. They offer fractional farmland ownership opportunities along with custom farmland investments.

Harvest Returns

Harvest Returns

Harvest Returns is the internet's one-stop shop for investments in agriculture.

EnergyFunders LLC


EnergyFunders offers diverse, highly vetted U.S.-based oil and gas investments through an easy-to-use online platform. Invest with the most elite operator teams in the country.

US Gold Bureau Logo

US Gold Bureau 

The easy way to buy and sell silver and gold in your retirement account. Offering investment-quality coins and bars from top-tier refiners, the U.S. Mint and other reputable sources. 

Franchisee, Restaurants, and Services

Open your retirement portfolio to the service industry. Whether investing within your local community or in a major corporation, these partners provide you unique ways to invest.

Spere Financial Logo

Spere Financial

Spere Financial investors receive monthly payments at above-market interest rates, backed by revenues from SpereCorp's profitable energy management and air purification systems.



Investment Options

Invest in anything allowed by the IRS. 

Simple Pricing

No transaction or asset fees. We only ever charge $360 to set up your account and $15 per month after that.

Fast Transactions

Investing is as easy as writing a check. No more waiting for custodian approval.

Tax Advantages

Enjoy no or deferred taxes on all gains inside your Rocket Dollar account.

Invest on your terms.

At Rocket Dollar, we’ve made it easy for you to unlock your retirement savings and invest in alternative assets and platforms. With a Rocket Dollar account your potential is unlimited. 


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