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How to open an IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) at River Financial:

  1. Create an online River account with your personal info here.

  2. Download and Complete the River entity application using the instructions in this Knowledge Base article.

  3. Complete and send in additional documentation notated by the end of the Knowledge Base article from Step 2 to support@river.com.

Online River Account

If you do not already have an existing River account or wish to create a new River account please go to river.com to create an online account. The account email must match the Authorized User’s email provided on the River entity application.

Please use your personal information when creating this account. The Entity application will title the account in the name of your IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) trust. Work with Rocket Dollar's signup and support team to create your retirement account and entity before completing and sending in a River Entity application.

Sending Supporting Documentation

You will need to send additional documentation to support@river.com. The title of the email should be Rocket Dollar - IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) (whichever is applicable to you).


  • How long does it take to open an entity account at River Financial?

    River Financial expects to be able to process and open institutional accounts in two business days.

  • What jurisdictions does River support?

    River Financial supported-states
    Remember, when you apply to Rocket Dollar, your Rocket Dollar-created Colorado LLC or Solo 401(k) will have the address that was used at signup. You cannot use a Colorado LLC to get around this requirement if your address is listed in a non-supported state.

  • Is there an account minimum investment?

    Currently, Rocket Dollar customers enjoy the benefit of no minimum investment requirements.

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