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The Rocket Dollar Guide to Roth Retirement Accounts

Learn about Roth contributions, backdoor Roth IRAs, and the Mega Backdoor Roth via a Self-Directed Solo 401(k).

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How a Roth account will allow you to avoid taxes in retirement

A Roth retirement account might fit into your overall retirement strategy to lower your tax burden.


How to convert existing retirement accounts into Roth accounts

You can convert your Tradition account to a Roth, pay taxes once, and never pay on that money again!


What are the “Backdoor Roth” and "Mega Backdoor Roth" strategies?

Even if you don't qualify for Roth contributions, you can take advantage of this type of retirement account using the "Backdoor Roth" contribution strategy.

Meet the authors

Henry Yoshida, CFP® | Rocket Dollar
Henry Yoshida, CFP®

Co-founder & CEO

Thomas Young | Rocket Dollar
Thomas Young

Co-founder & VP Marketing

Chris Palmisano | Rocket Dollar
Chris Palmisano


What people are saying about Rocket Dollar accounts


The beautiful thing about Rocket Dollar is you can invest in unusual assets (real property, venture capital, private equity) and route it through Rocket Dollar and you’re self-empowered to self-direct those assets.

Jen Hollars
Investment Professional

I could not find another organization that could do this as efficiently and in that price range. They're very responsive and in the way they communicate to me I find helpful, direct, and they put it in terms that I understood.

Dave Powers
Local Realtor

I chose Rocket Dollar because it was a very simple, streamlined process; very easy to use, well-managed. I didn't have to look at other companies, it just fulfilled what I needed.

Peter Daniel
Reg. Acct. Exec. at Samsung Neurologica

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