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The Rocket Dollar Blog

21st Century Diversification: A guide to investing retirement funds.

Vint allows investors to invest in funds with exposure to wine and spirits using their retirement accounts safely and efficiently. | Rocket Dollar Blog

Investing in Wine and Spirits with Your IRA as Securitized Assets

Wine and Spirits can be an investable asset class in your retirement account, but not as physical assets. As a securitized, intangible asset, much like shares of a publicly traded security, the narrative changes. What is typically considered a...

Rocket Dollar Blog | Opening a self-directed IRA before tax day has some advantages to keep in mind, check them out in the latest blog post from our team!

Opening a Self-Directed IRA Before Tax Day

As the tax deadline approaches, many people are scrambling to figure out ways to reduce their tax liability. One often overlooked option is opening...

Rocket Dollar Blog | The Benefits of Investing in an IRA Over Cash

The Benefits of Using a Tax-Advantaged Account

When considering any eligible investment, investing through an IRA provides several advantages over making the same investment with cash, such as...

Rocket Dollar's Broker Dealer License Approved

Rocket Dollar’s Broker Dealer License Approved

The news is out: Rocket Dollar's broker dealer license has been approved! This allows us to continue building the best retirement products for...

Investing in 2023: A Look Ahead

Investing in 2023: A Look Ahead

As we enter the new year, many people are looking ahead to the future and considering where to invest their money. With the economy still recovering...

How Crypto Cold Hardware Wallets Work Inside of a Rocket Dollar IRA

How Crypto Cold & Hardware Wallets Work Inside of a Rocket Dollar IRA

Henry Yoshida, CEO of Rocket Dollar, wanted to bring on our resident crypto expert, Brendan Walsh, to talk briefly about crypto in an IRA and crypto...

Are Alternative Investments Right For You?

Are Alternative Investments Right For You?

As alternative investments go mainstream, every investor should consider the simple question, “Are alternative investments right for me?” The answer...

Rocket Dollar Blog | The Rocket Dollar Solo 401(k)

The Rocket Dollar Solo 401(k)

A Solo 401(k) plan is the perfect retirement account for small business owners and self-employed individuals. This type of account offers many...

Use a Market Downturn to Your Advantage With a Roth Conversion

Use a Market Downturn to Your Advantage With a Roth Conversion

A market downturn can be a scary time for investors, but it can also be a great opportunity to do a Roth conversion. When the market is down and the...

Rocket Dollar Blog | Inflation and Alternative Investments

Inflation and Alternative Investments

Inflation, one of the most important economic indicators, can affect your investments in a number of ways. Inflation is a general increase in the...

Rocket Dollar Blog | Is a Solo 401(k) Right For You?

Is a Solo 401(k) Right For You?

A Solo 401(k) is a retirement plan that can be used by the self-employed. If you're self-employed and looking to set up a retirement plan, then a...

Rocket Dollar Blog | Alternative Assets for a Diversified Portfolio

Alternative Assets for a Diversified Portfolio

The last few months have been tough for investors. The stock market is volatile, and interest rates are increasing, making it challenging to grow...

Rocket Dollar Blog | 4 Alternative Investing Myths

3 Alternative Investing Myths

Alternative investments are becoming more and more common in the portfolios of investors. However, alternative investment strategies have suffered...

5 Metrics to Watch for Alternative Investment Performance

5 Metrics to Watch for Alternative Investment Performance

Alternative investments are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio. One important gauge of success is to assess alternative investment...

Looking into alternative investments? Equity crowdfunding is one asset to check out.

Alternative Investments: Equity Crowdfunding

To understand how crowdfunding became so popular as a method to raise capital, it helps to know the history of how crowdfunding came into being.

Interested in expanding your investments? Read why startup investing could be a good option.

Alternative Investments: Startup Investing

Investing in startup companies has significant risk, yet if you happen to be an early investor in a successful startup, you may also reap substantial...

Private equity investing holds some big opportunities for the right investor. Read why.

Alternative Investments: Private Equity Investing

Some investors incorrectly assume that all retirement accounts have restrictions on the investments that they can make. This inflexibility might be...

Alternative Investments: Cryptocurrency Investing

Alternative Investments: Cryptocurrency Investing

Cryptocurrency investing is an alternative investment category worth considering for a diversified portfolio. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin,...

Ready to dive into the world of real estate investing? We’ve got everything you need to know about it here.

Alternative Investments: Real Estate Investing

The often-quoted Andrew Carnegie (1835 - 1919) said, “90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” With all due respect to Mr....