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The Rocket Dollar Blog

21st Century Diversification: A guide to investing retirement funds.

1 min read

Rocket Dollar API Launch

Today, we’re excited to announce the beta program of our Rocket Dollar Funding and Account Opening API. The API allows investment platforms, investment issuers/sponsors, and financial institutions to partner with Rocket Dollar and allow Rocket Dollar...

3 min read

Agriculture Investing with Self-Directed IRA

The current world population of 7.55 billion may be an eye-popping number, but consider this: by 2030 the global population is expected to exceed 8.6 billion, and by 2050 there could be nearly 10 billion people on this planet, according to UN projections.

How to Leverage a Retirement Account with Non-Recourse Financing

In this webinar, you will learn about Self-Directed IRAs and how to leverage a retirement account with non-recourse financing.Mark Peck, Director of Business at Rocket Dollar, and Josh Gilmore, Vice President at SDIRA Wealth, will take you through the...

2 min read

Tax Liens 101: Everything You Need to Know

Federal tax liens are serious business. The federal government can initiate a tax lien against your property – including real estate, personal property, and financial assets – if you fail to pay your tax debt.

2 min read

Investing in Cryptocurrency with Your Self-Directed IRA

Excited about investing in cryptocurrency and digital assets, but worried about the tax-treatment for any gains or losses? Well, you are certainly not alone in your concerns; and Rocket Dollar offers one of the great tax-advantaged ways to invest in the...

2 min read

Everything You Need to Know to Invest in Bonds

Investing in bonds probably won’t make your retirement portfolio grow at the same rate as an early-stage investment in the next big public tech company, but putting a portion of your tax-deferred retirement savings into bonds still offers many benefits....

16 min read

[Webinar Replay] The Ins and Outs of a Self-Directed Roth IRA

A Roth IRA can be a powerful investment tool by itself, and adding in the self-directed benefit brings it to another level. Many people who had corporate-sponsored retirement plans are unaware of the benefits of opening or converting their accounts into...

2 min read

Decent: Affordable Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

Health insurance can be painfully expensive for self-employed individuals and independent contractors – typically the owners of Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts.

2 min read

Understanding the Differences Between Exchange-Traded Products and Mutual Funds

Exchange-traded products allow retirement investors to pool their retirement dollars into funds that track a wide range of financial products and benchmarks. They were created as an alternative to actively-managed mutual funds, which typically have high...

Rocket Dollar CEO: It's Riskier to Work at a Startup Than to Start One

As seen on Inc.com, Henry Yoshida explains what he's learned from previous startups and how those lessons are making Rocket Dollar his best startup yet.

2 min read

5 Tips for Investing in Precious Metals with an SDIRA

Portfolio diversification is one of the most crucial elements to help your retirement investments withstand cyclical economic downturns and bearish stock market conditions. Investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, and similar global commodities...

2 min read

Facing Fintech Disruption Starts With An Agile Finance Department

Fintech companies, along with countless traditional businesses, face continual technological challenges from the deployment of new payment platforms, payment processing systems, and innovative financial approaches.

2 min read

5 Things to Consider When Making a P2P Loan From Your Self-Directed IRA

A Self-Directed IRA is a powerful investment tool that lets you invest in a variety of alternatives, including private or peer-to-peer lending. While having checkbook-level control of retirement funds allows investors to quickly fund a wide range of...

4 min read

How We're Using Our Rocket Dollar Accounts: A Note From the Team

Outside of a few tech darlings, investment growth opportunities in the public equity markets are scant. The only way to truly achieve solid returns and 21st-century diversification is to have a portfolio that includes a wide range of alternative...

Webinar Replay: Common Self-Directed Questions

You asked questions. Now, here are the answers.

Our recent survey shows that 75% of respondents want us to run a webinar about the most common Self-Directed questions. And we listened.

2 min read

May 2019 KingsCrowd Top Deal Selection

KingsCrowd is back. This month we have some really exciting healthcare and social media startups to share with you that we think have promising futures. These are all early stage ventures that are looking for capital in exchange for equity from investors...

2 min read

What It Means To Have ‘Checkbook Control’ of Your IRA or 401(k)

Just like online trading platform E*Trade completely changed with way people invest in the stock market, checkbook control is reshaping the future of retirement investing.

2 min read

3 Ways Angel Investors Benefit When They Invest with a Self-Directed Account

Angel investors are often the lifeblood of early-stage and startup businesses. In addition to providing much-needed capital, angels also typically provide strategic insight, guidance and expertise for new businesses.

3 min read

The Real Estate Investment Firm That Makes You Money In the Short-Term and Long-Term

Jim MacKay and Judith Quinlan, co-founders of boutique real estate investment firm Quinlan|MacKay, worked in private lending for years helping borrowers raise funds to purchase homes for rehabilitation or house-flipping.