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Our partners make it easy to invest in things like crypto, real estate, and startups.

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The Rocket Dollar Blog

21st Century Diversification: A guide to investing retirement funds.

Webinar Replay: Common Self-Directed Questions

You asked questions. Now, here are the answers.

Our recent survey shows that 75% of respondents want us to run a webinar about the most common Self-Directed questions. And we listened.

2 min read

May 2019 KingsCrowd Top Deal Selection

KingsCrowd is back. This month we have some really exciting healthcare and social media startups to share with you that we think have promising futures. These are all early stage ventures that are looking for capital in exchange for equity from investors...

2 min read

What It Means To Have ‘Checkbook Control’ of Your IRA or 401(k)

Just like online trading platform E*Trade completely changed with way people invest in the stock market, checkbook control is reshaping the future of retirement investing.

2 min read

3 Ways Angel Investors Benefit When They Invest with a Self-Directed Account

Angel investors are often the lifeblood of early-stage and startup businesses. In addition to providing much-needed capital, angels also typically provide strategic insight, guidance and expertise for new businesses.

3 min read

The Real Estate Investment Firm That Makes You Money In the Short-Term and Long-Term

Jim MacKay and Judith Quinlan, co-founders of boutique real estate investment firm Quinlan|MacKay, worked in private lending for years helping borrowers raise funds to purchase homes for rehabilitation or house-flipping.

3 min read

Borrowing from Your Self-Directed Solo 401(k): Become Your Own Rich Uncle

The beauty of Self-Directed Solo 401(k)s is that they can be used to make a wide range of alternative investments. Rocket Dollar account holders have used their Solo 401(k)s to invest in local businesses, purchase real estate, cryptocurrencies, and many...

2 min read

FinTech Companies Offer The Option Of Property Ownership Without The Management Headaches

Some people might argue that owning real estate is no longer a key aspect of the American dream. And while it’s true that younger Americans like millennials often eschew home ownership, I believe that real estate remains an excellent investment option,...

2 min read

The Marketplace for Alternative Investments: DarcMatter

A major shift in online investing is helping provide increased access to alternative assets for Rocket Dollar retirement investors.

13 min read

Webinar Replay: How To Reduce Your Retirement Account’s Exposure To Volatility

Now is the time to reduce investment risk. If you want to gain peace of mind in the shadow of an impending recession, this webinar is for you. You’ll learn about innovative investment opportunities designed to thrive in today’s uncertain and tumultuous...

Career Webinar with Henry Yoshida for The McCombs School of Business

Henry Yoshida, CEO and Co-Founder of Rocket Dollar was invited to speak on The McCoombs School of Business Career Webinar. In this webinar Henry breaks down what a Self-Directed retirement account is and how it can help the average investor diversify...

3 min read

Tax-Free Tycoon: How To Invest Retirement Funds In Oil And Gas

Texas is synonymous with oil and gas production – there are more than 187,400 producing oil wells and more than 90,000 natural gas wells throughout the state. Annual production in 2018 was more than 1.27 billion barrels of oil and 8.7 billion MCF of...

1 min read

April 2019 KingsCrowd Top Deal Selection

As a partner of Rocket Dollar’s, we are proud to give you 3 of our Top Deals of the Month for free every month. But if you want even more access we are offering today only, 4 weeks of insider access for just $1! Simply use coupon code KINGBUCK at checkout

3 min read

Deal Box: Pioneering The Digital Transformation Of Capital Markets

The financial services industry continues to be buffeted by radical changes from enterprising financial technology companies that are disrupting legacy services and encroaching upon long-established markets.

4 min read

Webinar Replay: Real Estate Investing With Retirement Funds

Real estate investing is a great way to diversify your portfolio, and it can get even better when your capital gains can grow tax-free. In this webinar, Chris Palmisano, Rocket Dollar COO/CRO and angel investors sat down with Matt Silk, real estate...

2 min read

How To Calculate If You're Saving Enough For Retirement

Think you have enough money saved for a comfortable retirement? If so, you are definitely in the minority.

Most of America is woefully unprepared for retirement.

3 Emails That Actually Get You Investors

More money, faster sounds pretty good if you're fundraising right? We designed these email templates to help you tell your investors that they can access their old IRAs and 401(k)s to start investing in you. And it's completely free.

2 min read

How to Use Retirement Funds for Long-Term Alternative Investments

Patience is a key tenet of any solid investment strategy. The frothy days of a plus-25,000 Dow Jones Industrial Average has prompted many casual investors to rush in from the sidelines and make heavy investments in the bull market, but the euphoria...

2 min read

Making Your Retirement Money Work For You: Real Estate Investing

I know that investing in real estate using my Rocket Dollar account brings many benefits to my retirement portfolio. From building equity through appreciation to generating passive income to the shelter provided by tax-deferred capital gains, there are...

3 min read

3 Reasons Why You Haven't Heard Of Self-Directed Accounts Before

Creating a business is a lot like powering a rocket—most of the thrust happens in first few hundred feet. In business, companies usually experience the most growth in the beginning, and everything afterward often is just coasting in comparison. The best...