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Start Investing in Agriculture

We’re excited to have you visiting Rocket Dollar & FarmTogether. Our offering focuses on helping you use retirement dollars to invest in exciting investment opportunities like agricultural assets.

For those that may be ready to complete their FarmTogether investment through a tax-advantaged Self-Directed Rocket Dollar IRA account or Solo 401(k), follow the instructions below.

Creating Your Account:

If you already have a Rocket Dollar account, you can authenticate it on FarmTogether’s site. If not, establishing a new Rocket Dollar retirement account is easy. Simply sign up up online in under 10 minutes and we'll get your account set up.

Remember to use coupon code: FARMTOGETHER

Funding Instructions:

There are three ways to fund your Rocket Dollar account.

  1. Transfer in an existing IRA that you may have with another provider
  2. Roll over a 401(k) from a previous employer
  3. Make an Income Contribution to your account

Funding a Rocket Dollar account is simple, as our team has created a patent-pending account transfer module, that allows customers to easily fund their Rocket Dollar account.

Once you are set with your self-directed checkbook control entity, you'll be able to provide the investor details through your FarmTogether Profile.

Subscription Agreement

Completing the FarmTogether Subscription Agreement will be next, which will be filled out on behalf of your retirement entity and signed by you as the owner & authorized signatory. The great news here is that Rocket Dollar does not have to co-sign. So once you've decided to complete your investment, you've got the power right away.


Invest with farmtogether


Together we’ll be helping you use retirement dollars to invest in exciting agricultural investment opportunities on their site.

Invest with farmtogether

What your investors get


Transparent Pricing

Our Self-Directed accounts are among the most affordable in the nation. Our pricing is simple — $15/month with a one time $360 registration fee.


Tax Advantages

Our accounts maintain the same tax treatment as a regular 401(k) or IRA. We make it quick and simple for investors to access their money for your deals.


Domain Experience

We will work directly with your investors to make sure their accounts are funded by your fundraising deadline. Raising money is hard, let us make it easier.


Unmatched Support

We’re never more than a phone call or email away. We’ll walk your investors through every step of the way, from account opening to funding.

Start taking control of your retirement



Start taking control of your retirement