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Invest with FarmTogether via Rocket Dollar

We’re excited to have you visiting Rocket Dollar & FarmTogether. Our offering focuses on helping you use retirement dollars to invest in exciting investment opportunities like agricultural assets.

For those that may be ready to complete their FarmTogether investment through a tax-advantaged Self-Directed Rocket Dollar IRA account or Solo 401(k), follow the instructions below.

Creating Your Account:

If you already have a Rocket Dollar account, you can authenticate it on FarmTogether’s site. If not, establishing a new Rocket Dollar retirement account is easy. Simply sign up up online in under 10 minutes and we'll get your account set up.

Remember to use coupon code: FARMTOGETHER

Funding Instructions:

There are three ways to fund your Rocket Dollar account.

  1. Transfer in an existing IRA that you may have with another provider

  2. Roll over a 401(k) from a previous employer

  3. Make an Income Contribution to your account

Funding a Rocket Dollar account is simple, as our team has created a patent-pending account transfer module, that allows customers to easily fund their Rocket Dollar account.

Once you are set with your self-directed checkbook control entity, you'll be able to provide the investor details through your FarmTogether Profile.

Subscription Agreement:

Completing the FarmTogether Subscription Agreement will be next, which will be filled out on behalf of your retirement entity and signed by you as the owner & authorized signatory. The great news here is that Rocket Dollar does not have to co-sign. So once you've decided to complete your investment, you've got the power right away.


FarmTogether FAQs

Invest with FarmTogether

Benefits & Pricing

Transparent pricing on a subscription basis.


The essentials you need to start investing

$15/moper month

$360 one-time setup fee

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  • No minimum opening deposit
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Deal)
  • Online document storage
  • Investment dashboard to track investments
  • Email support
  • No cost cash transfers from current custodian
  • Fair Market Value reporting on Form 5498


All the essentials plus premium service

$30/moper month

$600 one-time setup fee

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  • All Silver features
  • Expedited service and transfers
  • Four free wire transfers per year
  • Option for IRA LLC
  • Priority support
  • Roth IRA conversion assistance & tax filing for 1099-R
  • Tax filing for Solo 401(k) Form 5500

Ready to take control of your retirement?

Rocket Dollar | Self-Directed Retirement Accounts