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The Self-Directed IRA

Enjoy checkbook control of your retirement savings with a Self-Directed IRA. Invest with speed and confidence in the assets that you want, not a predetermined menu of mutual funds. Secure your retirement with a Self-Directed IRA from Rocket Dollar.
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Checkbook control with self directed IRA - Rocket Dollar

What is a Self-Directed IRA?

A Self-Directed IRA from Rocket Dollar puts you in the pilot's seat. A Rocket Dollar IRA allows you to easily and quickly invest in what you want. No more asking your custodian for permission, or having to navigate a long list of fees. Whether you'd like to use your retirement savings to purchase a rental property or shield yourself from turbulent markets, a Rocket Dollar IRA gives you ultimate flexibility and peace of mind.

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Benefits at a glance


Fast Transactions

Investing is as easy as writing a check. No more waiting for custodian approval.


Investment Options

No preset menu of investments. Invest in anything allowed by the IRS.


Transparent Pricing

No asset or transaction fees. Our pricing is simple. $360 registration fee and $15/month.


Tax Advantages

Enjoy deferred taxes, or no taxes, on all gains inside your Rocket Dollar account.


Why Self-Directed?

Whether collecting rent checks from rental properties or investing in the next big startup, a Self-Directed IRA allows you to quickly and easily invest in the things you know will provide you the retirement you envision.


Investment Opportunity

Investing is easy with a Self-Directed IRA from Rocket Dollar. Use your retirement funds to pursue an almost unlimited number of investment options. No longer limited to a predetermined menu of mutual funds, you are able to pursue opportunities in:

  • Real Estate (Rental Properties, Commercial Funds, etc)
  • Hard Money Lending
  • Venture Capital
  • Startups and Private Companies
  • Stocks and Bonds

Simple, Transparent Pricing

We believe that fair pricing is in everyone's best interest, which is why we’re only $360 to set up your account and $15/month after that. No management or investment fees. The less money you spend on fees, the more money you’ll be able to invest in your retirement.


Enjoy Tax-Free Growth

Whether you have a ROTH or Traditional IRA, your investments will grow tax-free until you retire (or forever if you have a ROTH). Combine the power of all the investment options available to you and the tax protections of a retirement account makes for a powerful combination.

Discover the Rocket Dollar Difference Today

Ready to start your Self-Directed journey? Opening an account with Rocket Dollar is simple and straightforward. In just a few days, you’ll be able to manage your account directly from our platform, and making investments is as simple as writing a check.

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