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Alternative assets in your IRA

With an IRA from Rocket Dollar, you are free to invest in real estate, blockchain, startups, and more!

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Rocket Dollar was founded in 2018 with the belief that retirement is changing.

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Join the

thousands of account holders

who unlocked retirement funds totaling


What is an alternative investment?

An alternative investment is anything outside of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. An alternative investment might be purchasing rental real estate or investing in a cool new startup, and those are just two examples in a universe of possibilities.


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Stocks and bonds are good assets to add to a portfolio, but there are several other types of alternative assets that can diversify your retirement funds.


Bring your own deal (BYOD)

Have a cool investment in mind? With a Rocket Dollar IRA, you're free to invest in what you want. If you already know the investment you want to make with your Rocket Dollar IRA, our team will help you open, fund, and invest in whatever you want with your new account.

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Our support team is here to make sure that your account is opened, funded, and invested. We know that questions come up, and our team is here to make sure you're confident and secure.

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