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Invest with Kraken via Rocket Dollar

Kraken Educational Webinar:


For compliance reasons, Kraken has requested that the webinar remain password protected and is not on our youtube channel like other webinars. The password was given in your webinar marketing emails. If you cannot find it, please email info@rocketdollar.com with "Kraken Webinar" in the subject.


For those that may be ready to complete their investment through a tax-advantaged Self-Directed Rocket Dollar IRA account or Solo 401(k), follow the instructions below.

Creating Your Account:

If you already have a Rocket Dollar account, you can use your IRA or Solo 401(k) account to start investing on Kraken's site. If not, establishing a new Rocket Dollar retirement account is easy. Simply sign up online in under 10 minutes, and we'll get your account set up.

Getting started with Kraken:

  1. Create a Rocket Dollar account, either a Checkbook IRA or a Solo 401(k)/Trust retirement account. For the quickest ability to invest in cryptocurrency, start step 2 & 3 at the same time.
  2. Gather your Rocket Dollar IRA or Solo 401(k)/Trust information from your client dashboard. When Rocket Dollar notifies you that your account is ready for a retirement transfer, you should proceed to the instructions in our Knowledge Base article for the next steps, additionally be sure to keep in touch with the Rocket Dollar team as you still need to follow directions from our support team to:
    1. Complete your retirement rollover or contribution to fund your account; AND
    2. Create your bank account at our bank partner following our support team's instructions.
  3. Get in touch with the Kraken Onboarding Team so your account is tagged as an incoming Rocket Dollar customer. Immediately proceed to step 4.
  4. Follow the instructions in our Knowledge Base article to finish an application on Kraken's business application page.


Kraken: support@kraken.com

Rocket Dollar: info@rocketdollar.com

Kraken FAQs

Why Crypto?

  • According to our National Study, cryptocurrency has become the #1 alternative investment that Americans choose to invest in despite it being the newest asset class. To learn more visit our Research Hub and download the National Study.

  • Using a self-directed retirement account to buy and sell crypto minimizes the complexity of tax implications making it a much simpler experience for investors.


Priority support

Our account service team is available to answer any questions you may have, assist in funding your account or help you decide on the best account for you. Available via phone support or email, straight from your dashboard.

Premium Customer Service

Manage your investments

Our suite of tools makes managing your investments easy. From tracking performance across asset classes to keeping track of investment documents, your account dashboard makes it simple, safe, and fast.

Transparent pricing
Transparent pricing

Our Self-Directed accounts are among the most affordable in the nation. Our pricing is simple and straightforward.

Tax advantages
Tax advantages

Our accounts maintain the same tax treatment as a regular 401(k) or IRA. We make it quick and simple for investors to access their money for your deals.

Investment options
Investment options

No preset menu of investments. Invest in anything allowed by the IRS.

Unmatched support
Unmatched support

We’re never more than a phone call or email away. We’ll walk your investors through every step of the way, from account opening to funding.

Benefits & Pricing


The essentials you need to start investing

$15/moper month

$360 one-time setup fee

Get Silver Learn more
  • Benefits
  • No minimum opening deposit
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Deal)
  • Online document storage
  • Investment tracker dashboard
  • Email support
  • No-cost cash transfers from current custodian
  • Fair Market Value reporting on Form 5498
  • Available Accounts
  • Direct Custody IRA


All the essentials plus premium service

$30/moper month

$600 one-time setup fee

Get Gold Learn more
  • Benefits
  • All Silver features
  • Priority support
  • Expedited service and transfers
  • Four free wire transfers per year
  • Roth IRA conversion assistance
  • Tax filing for Solo 401(k) Form 5500
  • Available Accounts
  • Direct Custody IRA
  • Checkbook IRA
  • Solo 401(k)

Here's how easy it is to get started:

Rocket Dollar | Open an account
Step 1


Choose the right account for you and sign up in under 5 minutes—completely online.

Rocket Dollar | Fund


Fund your Rocket Dollar account in just a few short days. Our support team is here to help initiate rollovers.

Rocket Dollar | Invest


From there, diversify. Making investments is as simple as writing a check—track it all on your dashboard.