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Our partners make it easy to invest in things like crypto, real estate, and startups.

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Rocket Your Dollar Self-Directed Investing

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 38: How Will This Play Out in Real Estate?

President of Prospera Growth Fund, Kellen Jones, talks about the strengths of real estate as a tangible asset against the market and market volatility.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 37: Origination to Syndication

Realtor, Project Manager, and Connector Jonathan Mickles shares how networking & keeping relationships helped to connect the dots from project management to real estate.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 36: Real Estate vs. Market Volatility

HJH Investments partner Ben Kogut talks frustrations with market volatility and how alternative assets like real estate are proving their long-term worth.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 35: Note Investing in a Down Market

Scott Carson, President & CEO of We Close Notes discusses note investment strategy and the importance of flexibility and resilience in down markets.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 34: Common Self-Directed Misconceptions

Bryan Ellis, CEO of SelfDirected.org, talks about becoming a ninja-level investor and the overwhelming tax benefits that follow.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 33: Travel the World as a Real Estate Investor

Kim Wilkin from The Abundant Traveler shares how she made real estate investing her career which allows her the financial freedom to travel the world.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 31: Angel Investing as a Compassionate Capitalist

Compassionate capitalist Karen Rands shares how access to capital has changed regarding investing in entrepreneurs, who are at the core of wealth creation.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 30: Educated Commercial Real Estate Investing

The investment space is always shifting. Now, in 2020, there are countless options for investors. There's new tools, new processes, new technology. So what's stopping people from utilizing these and reaching higher-quality financing? Well, some don't...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 29: Financial and Physical Fitness

We talk a lot about financial fitness and financial goals, but we don't talk about our physical health and fitness. Some would say staying physically healthy is important if you plan on enjoying your financial planning down the road. Adam Pecoraro is a...