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Alternative investing, simplified
Our partners make it easy to invest in things like crypto, real estate, and startups.

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Rocket Your Dollar Self-Directed Investing

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 48: Simplicity, Probability, & Leverage with Rick Sapio

Rick Sapio, co-founder and general partner of Mutual Capital Partners joins the podcast to discuss his philosophies of business and success.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 47: Is culture a financial asset? — with Henry Yoshida & Michael Sidgmore

In this special episode of Rocket Your Dollar, CEO Henry Yoshida hosts Michael Sigmore, Partner & Co-founder of Broadhaven Ventures where they discuss how culture as an asset brings the "alt alts" into mainstream investing with the help of growing...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 46: Understanding REITs with Upside Avenue

Upside Avenue CIO, Chi Hathiramanis, goes in-depth into REITs.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 45: Precious Metals IRAs with OneGold

OneGold CEO, Ken Lewis, shares how the modern platform offers a fast, easy, and cost-effective alternative to investing in precious metals with your IRA.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 44: Are You Really Diversified?

Texas commercial real estate expert and president of BV Capital, Rob Anderson, discusses the importance of investing in CRE for accredited investors.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 43: Managing New Jersey Real Estate Syndication

Aaron Fragnito, Co-Founder of Peoples Capital Group discusses New Jersey syndication and shares why management is the most important factor in real estate.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 42: Agricultural Crowdfunding with FarmFundr

Brandon Silveira, CEO of FarmFundr, shared how his farmland crowdfunding platform bridges the gap between the agricultural industry and investors.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 41: Top Tier Real Estate Funding with CityVest

Founder & CEO, Alan Donenfeld shares how CityVest, a top-tier real estate crowdfunding platform, is reinventing how people invest in real estate.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 40: Equity Crowdfunding in Real Estate

CEO of EquityDoor, Clint Anderson, has opened the door to all levels of investors to share real estate equity via crowdfunding.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 39: Bridging the Crypto Market Gap

Jason Urban, CEO of Drawbridge Group, has innovated a market & credit-based approach to crypto lending, creating a high level of versatility and yield within the asset.