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The Rocket Your Dollar Podcast

The power of Self-Directed investing—explained.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 21: Both Sides of the Table, From Entrepreneur to Investor

Matt Silk lived the entrepreneur's dream: he hustled and built his startup in San Francisco, scaled it, and sold it. He moved to Austin and took his entrepreneur experience and used it to start angel investing and real estate investing locally. Here's...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 20: How to Choose the Best Equity Crowdfunding Deal

What if there was a platform that aggregated all the crowdfunding deals that are available to you and that you can filter out the noise and find the deals that matter the most to you. Meet Chris Lustrino, Founder and CEO of KingsCrowd, equity...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 19: How to Make an Innovative FinTech Product

Technological innovation is glorious when it comes to financial products. But only if the tech is solving the right pain point. Michael Panzarella is a Senior Fintech leader and a passionate believer in financial inclusion through modern banking...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 18: Female Founders and Fundraising

Women get less than 2% of all financing, whether it be from the VC community or whether it be traditional financing. Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, Co-founder and CEO of EnrichHer, decided she must do something about this especially because women build new...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 17: Living Wealthy with a Safe Money Strategy

Retiring soon? Just getting out of college? Regardless of who you are, you need the money that you can count on being there when you need it. Teresa Kuhn, Founder and CEO of Living Wealthy Financial Group, lives and works by the philosophy of a safe...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 16 Real Estate Investing with Generation Z 

A younger generation is starting to invest and they mean business. Alec Chapman, Owner of Blockchain Capital, shares his perspective and successes when it comes to real estate investing.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep.15: Self-Employed Savings with a Self-Directed Solo 401(k)

Before Rocket Dollar, Thomas Young the host of Rocket Your Dollar and VP of Marketing at Rocket Dollar, was an avid freelancer. He shares his self-employed experience and explains why the Self-Directed Solo 401(k) is a product made for the freelancer...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 14: Investing in Culture

Before you invest in a small business or a startup, whether it's your money or time, taking a look at their culture is essential. Leo Ramirez, Jr., CEO and Co-founder of Encast ™, Inc specializes in revolutionizing workplace culture and helps businesses...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep.13: Venture Capital and Crowdfunding

Take a deep dive into what it's like to work in the Venture Capital industry and invest in crowdfunding using a Self-Directed account. Brooke Borden, CFO at Rocket Dollar, with 20+ years of experience in banking and finance shares his Self-Directed...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep.12: Angel Investing with a Self-Directed Account

Imagine your ROI if you had invested early in Apple or Starbucks...now imagine that ROI in a tax-advantaged account. That's the appeal of angel investing with a Self-Directed account. Chris Palmisano, COO/CRO and board member at Rocket Dollar, shares his...