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Our partners make it easy to invest in things like crypto, real estate, and startups.

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The Rocket Your Dollar Podcast

The power of Self-Directed investing—explained.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 30: Educated Commercial Real Estate Investing

The investment space is always shifting. Now, in 2020, there are countless options for investors. There's new tools, new processes, new technology. So what's stopping people from utilizing these and reaching higher-quality financing? Well, some don't...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 29: Financial and Physical Fitness

We talk a lot about financial fitness and financial goals, but we don't talk about our physical health and fitness. Some would say staying physically healthy is important if you plan on enjoying your financial planning down the road. Adam Pecoraro is a...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 28: Investing in Farmland

How do you think farmland (the NCREIF Farmland Index) performed during the last great financial crisis, the recession of 2008/09? Artem Milinchuk, CEO of FarmTogether, knows farmland was up 23% from Q4 2007 to Q4 2009. At FarmTogether, Artem and his team...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 27: Hard Money Lending and Private Money Brokering

A Self-Directed account can be used for is hard money lending and private money brokering. Pat St. Cin is a private money broker, hard money lender at REI Capital resources, and a Rocket Dollar customer. He shares how he uses his Rocket Dollar account to...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 26: Teaching Blockchain and Crypto the Responsible Way

Two years ago, if you wanted to learn about stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, you'd go on Google, and you've got a bunch of different ways to learn about them. However, if you wanted to learn about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, or blockchain you'd have...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 25: Money Positivity

Why are people more comfortable discussing religion, politics, and personal lives as opposed to their finances? Lewis Weil, the founder of Money Positive, is trying to change that notion with his financial planning company.

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 24: Real Estate Investing for Social Good

What does social good mean? For Elizabeth Quintanilla, it means asking herself how she can lift generations and especially aspiring business people. That is the responsibility she takes on as a self-directed real estate investor.

Rocket Your Dollar BONUS: Crowdfunding with a Self-Directed Account

Surprise! Rocket Dollar has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Republic.co, join us as we give you an inside look into our startup's growth. Our guest, Brooke Borden, Rocket Dollar's VP of Finance and Strategy, will also be discussing the benefits of...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 23: The Human Side of Money and Investing

Money is personal,  and technology is a compliment to the role a human can play when it comes to finances. Brian Thorp started Wealthtender, an online platform with the mission to help people achieve their financial goals in a community environment with...

Rocket Your Dollar Ep. 22: Understanding Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance (DeFi) can be complicated to understand for the everyday investor and seems to be growing in popularity in financial discussions. That's why we brought on Adam Blumberg, CFP® and Co-founder of Interaxis.io, to compare traditional...