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Tax-Free Tycoon: How To Invest Retirement Funds In Oil And Gas

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Texas is synonymous with oil and gas production – there are more than 187,400 producing oil wells and more than 90,000 natural gas wells throughout the state. Annual production in 2018 was more than 1.27 billion barrels of oil and 8.7 billion MCF of natural gas.

It doesn’t matter if the nation’s economy is booming or tanking – America consumes vast quantities of oil and natural gas each and every day. Vast fortunes have been made in the Lone Star state’s oil and gas industry, and that’s why Rocket Dollar has partnered with an emerging company that specializes in raising capital in the petroleum industry.

Founded in 2011, Drill Baby Drill already has completed several capital raises in conjunction with its strategic sponsor that netted investors between two and four times return. Drill Baby Drill Founder and President Mark Nazarini recently spoke with Rocket Dollar to discuss an exciting opportunity for Rocket Dollar’s retirement investors in this flourishing industry.

Doubling Your Investment In A Short Time

Drill Baby Drill’s main focus is on mineral rights in the Appalachian Region of Kentucky and West Virginia. Its primary deal is Mineral Rights Acquisition in an emerging shale play in Eastern Kentucky. The play has been compared to the vast Utica Shale and Wolfcamp condensate regions in the Permian Basin in West Texas.

Drill Baby Drill offers investors many competitive advantages. Among them is its strategic partnership with Hays Mineral Resources. Hays founder Monte Hay is a fourth-generation oil and gas professional and registered geologist. In 2009 Hay was the first to drill through the Rogersville area in Eastern Kentucky, and since then several major players in the energy industry have invested more than $100 million through mineral rights leasing, exploration drilling, and test wells.

Publicly traded companies active in the Rogersville region include Chesapeake Energy Corporation, EQT Corporation, Continental Resources, and Cimarex Energy.

“Hay is the largest mineral rights owner in the play – with more than 44,000 acres of mineral rights and another 60,000 acres under lease,” Nazarini says. “The play is viable, it just needs to be developed, and that is where we will get a big boost in value. There is already a successful vertical well in the region, and we are raising capital to drill a horizontal well on that site. Based on vertical well results, the horizontal well has the potential to be as prolific as the Utica Shale or better.

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“We have athe data advantage. We have acquired all the data from several test wells and the site of the most successful of the bunch. ,We will be drilling in the liquid rich section of the play that Petroleum Engineers have found to be analogous to Utica and Wolfcamp condensate window. It is in this sweet spot that our next round of investment will be targeted for mineral rights acquisition. Every acre purchased with new investor dollars will be connected to the block of 44,000 acres already owned and we have knowledge that the public does not; those are the competitive advantages we offer investors,” Nazarini adds. “We believe that over the next two to three years investors can exit with two to three times their initial investment.”

Drill Baby Drill is offering deals ranging from about $1 million, $5-$10 million, and up to $50 million.

Becoming The Next Rockefeller

Oil and gas have played a huge role in the creation of wealth throughout the history of the United States. From iconic oil barons such as John D. Rockefeller to current energy infrastructure tycoons such as Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan and Harold Hamm of Continental Resources, the petroleum industry generates vast amounts of revenue and income.

While many Self-Directed IRA and Solo 401(k) investors have focused their activity more on traditional investments, such as residential, retail, and commercial office properties, savvy investors continue to create multi-generational wealth through investments in the petroleum industry and the myriad companies that support oil and gas production and transportation.

With Drill Baby Drill, everyday retail investors have the opportunity to get into this space using their Self-Directed retirement accounts. Retail investors gain diversification through a commodity that’s used throughout the world. Despite the global push for green power and technologies, global dependence on oil won’t change overnight. Oil will long remain one of the earth’s most important commodities.

This offer is in a tangible asset that is essential in the near term and over the long term as well. And if retirement investors do hit a home run in the Rogersville shale play, all proceeds gained from their investments are tax-free.


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