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    KingsCrowd is back with our favorite deals of the month that you can invest as little as $100 in. As a reminder, thanks to the JOBS Act, anyone can now invest in startups online with as little as $100 through FINRA registered platforms like Wefunder, StartEngine and Netcapital. Think of these platforms like Dow Jones for startups.

    This month we have 3 really exciting deals we want to share with you for investment consideration. Each one of them is rated as a Top Deal by KingsCrowd, which is reserved for the top 5-10% of all companies we analyze across the entire market. You can learn more about our due diligence process HERE.

    Top 3 Deals of the Month:

    Cardboard Live: Cardboard Live is providing a streaming service for watching live streams of people playing card and board games. Though it sounds a bit outrageous, Twitch built the same thing for the video game space and was acquired for $1B by Amazon. In pre-signups, this team had over 10K people sign up to access the platform. Turns out there is huge demand for a streaming services like this, and this company is catching on fast!

    Curtiss Motorcycles: Deemed the Tesla of Motorcycles, this long time motorcycle executive is turning his business away from classic bikes, towards building the first high-end electric motorcycle that bikers actually want. From impeccable design, to a proven track record in the space, we think this business is poised to capture the eye of a new age of cyclers.

    Digital Brands Group: A portfolio of direct-to-consumer lifestyle brands, including DSTLD in the apparel space with over $15M in lifetime sales. This team focuses on providing high end essentials like jeans that are timeless. The Co-Founder, Mark Lynn also founded Winc, one of the more successful direct-to-consumer wine companies on the market today.

    Download the reports today and start investing!

    Cardboard Live Report

    Curtiss Motorcycles Report

    Digital Brands Group Report

    And for 50% off all KingsCrowd research and rating reports be sure to visit KingsCrowd.com and use coupon code 50OFFKC at checkout, up to a $120 value just for Rocket Dollar account holders.


    Topics: Insider, Investment Opportunity

    Published on January 24 2019