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Making Your Retirement Money Work For You: Real Estate Investing

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I know that investing in real estate using my Rocket Dollar account brings many benefits to my retirement portfolio. From building equity through appreciation to generating passive income to the shelter provided by tax-deferred capital gains, there are many compelling reasons why I should diversify my portfolio through real estate.

Truth is, though, I just don’t have it in me. I don’t want the hassles associated with being a landlord. I certainly don’t want to take 2 a.m. phone calls from panicked renters whose pipes have frozen or burst, nor am I interested in negotiating new lease agreements every time a renter moves out.

I’m making a good living doing 10 other things, including working as COO of Rocket Dollar. I definitely don’t need another job managing rental properties. I want to diversify and gain exposure to real estate, but that’s just not my area of expertise – and that’s why I choose to invest through a residential real estate fund managed by proven industry veterans.

TMW Capital of Austin has decades of experience buying, selling, leasing, and flipping residential real estate investments. Company Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Matt Silk joins me for a live webinar to discuss the many benefits of using retirement funds to invest in real estate.

A Real Estate Fireside Chat

Rocket Dollar account holders can diversify their retirement portfolios through an array of alternative investment options. Real estate, however, is a primary investment choice for many of our self-directed solo 401(k) and IRA account holders. Investing in real estate through a professionally managed real estate investment fund removes the many pain points associated with property ownership while providing all the benefits I mentioned above.

Matt is a proven industry professional. By letting him do all the legwork for me, I reap all the benefits associated with passive real estate investing without any of the headaches.

Here are some of the many topics Matt and I will discuss during the upcoming webinar:

  • The backstory on an Austin-based residential real estate fund

  • Insight into buying, renovating and renting for the long-term

  • An authentic account unlocking retirement funds investors didn’t know they could access to quickly raise a real estate investment fund

  • Actionable advice on potential returns from real estate investments

  • Ways to personally get involved

While there are many such funds available to Rocket Dollar investors, we’ll highlight a few reasons why TMW Capital represents the best of the best. Matt’s applying his successful background in technology to real estate investing, and funds such as these allow investors to gain exposure to a wide range of properties types in different geographical locations – there’s great diversification within the fund. Most retirement accounts only allow investors to buy into a publicly traded REIT, but this is a method of getting into real estate that isn’t publicly traded and may even be located in your own neighborhood.

Please join us for what’s sure to be a lively and interesting discussion on the benefits of using retirement funds for real estate investing and the many advantages of investing through a residential real estate fund.

Watch the webinar