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Investing in Real Estate with Your IRA

Investing in Real Estate with Your IRA

Are you looking to meet your investment goals and save for your retirement?

Do you want to use retirement dollars to add real estate to your portfolio, which can generate steady returns?

Why not rocket your retirement with a Rocket Dollar IRA?

A Rocket Dollar IRA is managed via an easy-to-use platform for self-directed investors, which allows you to invest in a wide range of investment options. By investing through a Rocket Dollar IRA, you can invest in almost anything and maintain total control and responsibility for your investments.

Although it can be hard to predict the future of property values, real estate has been rated one of the safest options globally and the best long-term investments for a long time. Moreover, the prospect of real estate investment increases due to appreciation of properties and lesser risk than other alternative investments. This attracts investors, particularly individuals, to invest their funds into real estate.

Adding real estate to your self-directed IRA is one of the great strategies to diversify your assets and future retirement income. However, before beginning this process, it is essential to know that investing directly in a piece of real estate through a self-directed IRA requires a lot of work. You have to be careful when buying and selling it, and this is where a Rocket Dollar comes in.

Rocket Dollar will enable you to invest in the business and residential real estate (rentals, foreclosures, land, tax liens), small and mid-sized independently owned businesses, startups, precious metals, hard money, peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrency, etc.

Real estate properties have historically appreciated. You can invest in a wide variety of real estate, including single-family or multiplex homes, apartment buildings, land, retail stores, and office complexes. The rental income generated from owning residential or business properties will grow tax-free within the self-directed IRA.

It is important to know that there are some catches to owning real estate within an IRA:

  1. The real estate you purchase can only be used for investment purposes. Neither you nor your family members can live in it or use it for such purposes as a vacation home or an office.
  2. You cannot take any deductions such as property taxes because the rental property or home is owned by the IRA and not the individual.
  3. The rental income you receive will flow back into the self-directed IRA.
  4. You will receive the funds from your real estate investment or rental payments once you make the required minimum distributions when you retire.
  5. Plan ahead to pay for maintenance directly from your IRA.

Any maintenance costs paid for the upkeep of the property are paid from proceeds of the self-directed IRA. The money used to pay for repairs should come from the rental income or cash in the self-directed IRA. You cannot exceed contribution limits to pay for maintenance.

The 2021 contribution limits are $6,000 in 2021 or $7,000 if you’re 50 or older.

Diversifying funds into different investments is necessary to investors, especially those who have invested in stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. The real estate sector provides investment opportunities for people because of its predictability and safety of investors’ funds during uncertainty such as global recession or geopolitical risks, which usually affect retirement groups.

Retirement investing is not rocket science when it comes to investments with Rocket Dollar!

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