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    Thomas Young
    Thomas Young

    Co-Founder & CMO Thomas Young is a marketing professional with years of experience in the start-up community.

    We are in the midst of an explosion in investment offerings. New rules around participation in private offerings is leading to an investment revolution with hundreds of new deals coming to market.

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    Historically, only the wealthy and connected have had access to private offerings. To a large percentage of investors, accreditation requirements were the most significant obstacle to making these investments; not to mention the high minimums required for participation.

    A myriad of investment platforms are taking the friction out of the process, by allowing folks to transact in non-traditional assets quickly and painlessly.

    One of the largest planning hurdles has been the tax treatment of returns. The good news is that Rocket Dollar helps alleviate the tax burden by making it easy to use retirement account dollars to fund deals.

    Whether you are interested in residential or commercial real estate, equity crowdfunding, or peer to peer lending, we've made it easy to find investment opportunities in our Partners Page.

    Regardless of your investment size, you are able to maximize the tax advantages using a Rocket Dollar Self-Directed account; while investing in the asset class you are most passionate about.

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    Published on January 11 2019