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February 2019 KingsCrowd Top Deal Selection

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We know at KingsCrowd that startup investing can be rewarding, but the time it takes to identify strong deal flow and actually due diligence those companies can be time-consuming and challenging. That is why we track all online startup investing portals like Wefunder, Republic, and SeedInvest to track, diligence and identify the best startups worth investing in for you.

Fortunately for you, as a Rocket Dollar customer you can invest confidently and tax efficiently by utilizing a Rocket Dollar account to invest in startups we at KingsCrowd identify as Top Deal investment opportunities.

As a partner of Rocket Dollar’s, we are proud to give you 3 of our Top Deals of the Month for free every month. But if you want even more access we are offering for 1 week only, 24 weeks of total insider access to all of our startup ratings and analytics for just $1!

Simply use coupon code KINGSTART at checkout! And be sure to check out all the Top Deals below.

Top 3 Deals of the Month

Ample Foods: With over $1.5M in sales in the first year of operation, this meal replacement is all about perfecting the basics. The team is creating a subscription-based meal replacement solution that doesn’t taste bad for once. To date, it has shown an ability to compete with well-funded startups in the space like Soylent, which has raised over $72M to date. It is trending up and could be the next major meal-replacement startup to get a large funding round.

Dig - The Dog Lover’s Dating App: Did you know that online dating is a multi-billion dollar industry, with people swiping for dates over 2 billion times a day on apps like Tinder? Did you also know that over 55% of single Americans looking for love have a dog in their life? That is what makes Dig - The Dog Lover’s Dating App such a well-timed app, developed by two sisters that have hustled to grow the business to well over 15K users with extreme capital efficiency. The next big dating app is here. Be sure to be a part of it.

Amnion Life: With the leading cause of death among children under 5 years of age being premature birth, it is clear that there is an unmet need in how we treat premature infants. One of the largest challenges in managing infants when they leave the womb prematurely is creating an environment that imitates the womb. Without near-perfect imitation of the womb, the child struggles to develop correctly. Amnion Life is building a first of its kind incubator that mimics the mother’s womb that can improve end outcomes for premature infants significantly.

Download the reports today and start investing!

Ample Foods Report

Dig - The Dog Lover’s Dating App Report

Amnion Life Report

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