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April 2019 KingsCrowd Top Deal Selection

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Top 3 Deals of the Month:

Move: You may remember that several years ago Trader Joe’s came to market with a new age grocery story that cut cost and focused in on the most wanted products. Move is taking that model and building a 21st century online e-commerce grocery store that reduces cost while improving access to the most important products we need for our everyday lives! 80K have already joined the waitlist for this company.

Groundfloor: If you’ve ever wanted to be a real estate mogul but couldn’t because the minimum investments are too high, Groundfloor is sure to delight. This team has built the first platform that enables anyone to be able to invest in house flips with as little as $10! Over the past several years investors have seen strong returns, which is why this company is now raising growth capital to scale the business. Subscribe to Our Newsletter
Cloudastructure: Be it email on Gmail, contact management on Salesforce, word docs on Dropbox, our working lives now live on the cloud. But there is one curious area of corporate America that hasn’t; video surveillance. This founding team who sold its last company to Uber is now building a first-of-its-kind video surveillance service for the cloud.

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