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The Rocket Dollar Guide to Roth Retirement Plans

Roth Retirement Accounts allow for tax-free growth and withdrawals.

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Roth Retirement Accounts are a great way to let your money grow tax-free and enjoy no taxes on withdrawals in retirement!

About Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar is a Self-Directed retirement account provider. 

Investing in alternative assets inside of retirement accounts is not a new concept. However, before Rocket Dollar, creating a self-directed account could cost thousands of dollars and require an attorney and CPA to set up and fund an account. Our founders experienced the pain of setting up and using self-directed accounts for their own personal investing. They knew that there had to be a better way to leverage the technology of today with a legacy process.

Rocket Dollar was founded on the belief that tools available to the wealthy should be available to everyone. Everyone should be able to invest their own retirement money in whatever they want, not just a short menu of mutual funds offered to them by their advisor or plan sponsor. 


How a Roth Account will allow you to avoid taxes in retirement

How a Roth retirement account can fit into your overall retirement strategy, and how you can lower your tax burden in retirement.


How to convert existing retirement accounts into Roth accounts

You can convert existing retirement accounts from Traditional to Roth, pay taxes once, and never pay taxes on that money again!


Take advantage of the "Backdoor Roth" even if you don't qualify for Roth contributions

Even if you don't qualify for Roth contributions, you can take advantage of this type of retirement account using the "Backdoor Roth" contribution strategy.

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“Really quick to respond and I can always get someone on the phone. Costs less than my old IRA custodian and better service.” — Paul

“Stayed on my transfer and kept us informed every step of the way. Exactly the service we needed. Much appreciated!” — Blake

“So slick, super user-friendly. I’ve recommended Rocket Dollar to both of my brothers. Customer experience is unmatched!!!” — Tom

What Does Rocket Dollar Do?

Rocket Dollar- Self-Directed Investing