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There are a few steps to open an IRA LLC at ErisX

  1. Send an email to Onboarding@erisx.com, subject "Rocket Dollar IRA LLC Application" with the name of your full legal and and the name of your IRA LLC. DO NOT apply through the ErisX customer portal. Wait until your IRA LLC is created by Rocket Dollar to initiate. Once your Rocket Dollar account is ready for transfer, your Rocket Dollar LLC has been created and you may download your LLC articles and apply. 
  2. Complete the application according to our instructions in the Rocket Dollar Knowledge Base.
  3. make sure to send your additional documents like your IRA LLC Articles of incorporation, EIN Number of your IRA LLC, and W9 to onboarding@erisx.com
  4. Create your online account with ErisX after you are approved.
  5. Use your Solera Bank information to ACH or wire funds to ErisX. Helpful instructions are at the bottom of our knowledge base article. 



ErisX Application: onboarding@erisx.com

Rocket Dollar: info@rocketdollar.com

How Long does the process take?

In general and after all documents have been provided, cryptocurrency applications can be approved within five business days during ErisX normal business hours Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm central time.

What Cryptocurrencies does ErisX support?

ErisX has spot trading for Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum, and Litecoin (LTC).

How long does it take to open an entity account at ErisX

ErisX expects to be able to process and open institutional accounts within five business days

Can I apply with my Solo 401(k) to ErisX?

ErisX has recently added support for Solo 401(k) Trusts. Email Onboarding@erisx.com with the name of your Solo 401k trust to get started.

What states and jurisdictions does ErisX support?


ErisX supports almost every state and has pending applications with the following states and territories: Virginia,  Nevada, & The US Virgin Islands.

Remember, when you apply to Rocket Dollar, your Rocket Dollar created Colorado LLC or Solo 401(k) will have the address that was used at signup. You cannot use a Colorado LLC to get around this requirement if your address is listed in a non-supported state.

What are the fees for IRA customers?


Trade Crypto with ErisX


ErisX provides access to crypto markets without sacrificing security, performance or the protection of market oversight, and is the only U.S. based exchange where customers can trade spot and regulated futures on cryptocurrencies on one screen.

Trade Crypto with ErisX

What your investors get


Transparent Pricing

Our Self-Directed accounts are among the most affordable in the nation. Our pricing is simple — $15/month with a one time $360 registration fee.


Tax Advantages

Our accounts maintain the same tax treatment as a regular 401(k) or IRA. We make it quick and simple for investors to access their money for your deals.


Domain Experience

We will work directly with your investors to make sure their accounts are funded by your fundraising deadline. Raising money is hard, let us make it easier.


Unmatched Support

We’re never more than a phone call or email away. We’ll walk your investors through every step of the way, from account opening to funding.

Start taking control of your retirement



Start taking control of your retirement