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Learn how to invest with EnergyFunders

For those that may be ready to complete an investment through a tax-advantaged Self-Directed Rocket Dollar IRA account or Solo 401(k), follow the instructions below.

Creating Your Account:

If you already have a Rocket Dollar account, you can use your IRA or Solo 401(k) account to start investing on the EnergyFunders site. If not, establishing a new Rocket Dollar retirement account is easy. Simply sign up online in under 10 minutes, and we'll get your account set up.

Funding Instructions:

Funding a Rocket Dollar account is simple, as our team has created a patent-pending account transfer module, that allows customers to easily fund their Rocket Dollar account.

There are three ways to fund your Rocket Dollar account.

  1. Transfer in an existing IRA that you may have with another provider.
  2. Roll over a 401(k) from a previous employer.
  3. Make an Income Contribution to your account.

Once you are set with your Rocket Dollar account, you'll be able to provide the investor details through your EnergyFunders profile.


Energy Funders: info@energyfunders.com

Rocket Dollar: info@rocketdollar.com

Energy Funders FAQs

Benefits & Pricing

Transparent pricing on a subscription basis.


The essentials you need to start investing

$15/moper month

$360 one-time setup fee

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  • No minimum opening deposit
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Deal)
  • Online document storage
  • Investment dashboard to track investments
  • Email support
  • No cost cash transfers from current custodian
  • Fair Market Value reporting on Form 5498


All the essentials plus premium service

$30/moper month

$600 one-time setup fee

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  • All Silver features
  • Expedited service and transfers
  • Four free wire transfers per year
  • Option for IRA LLC
  • Priority support
  • Roth IRA conversion assistance & tax filing for 1099-R
  • Tax filing for Solo 401(k) Form 5500

Ready to take control of your retirement?

Rocket Dollar | Self-Directed Retirement Accounts