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The Rocket Dollar Guide to Self-Directed Retirement Plans
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Invest with Alkemi via Rocket Dollar


  1. Create a Rocket Dollar IRA LLC Account. You can use Traditional or Roth IRA and signup here. You will need to follow the IRA onboarding steps with our support team, and start with funding contributions or rollovers in fiat.

  2. Create a Wallet and connect to Alkemi Earn. You would need to use a Web3 Wallet, and we recommend using a MetaMask wallet. You can learn how to do this through Alkemi's Guide. You are responsible for all handling of your Web3 wallet functions and security.

  3. Apply for Alkemi KYC. All participants are required to complete and submit KYC documentation before using the protocol. Visit https://kyc.alkemi.network to apply, and enter your new Colorado LLC details in the entity KYC flow.

  4. Purchase Crypto via Alkemi or ErisX. *You can skip this step if retirement funds are already in your Web3 Wallet. Keep in mind all wallets used for retirement accounts must be separate from personally owned crypto assets.

  5. Using Alkemi Earn. Once your KYC is verified, you can start using the Alkemi Earn platform.


Email us: hello@alkemi.ai

Alkemi Support: support@alkemi.ai

Rocket Dollar: info@rocketdollar.com

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