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Our partners make it easy to invest in things like crypto, real estate, and startups.

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      Lesson Series

      Private Market Investing:
      Entertainment Industry Funds

      Lesson #8

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      How do I invest in the media content I see every day?

      The TV and movie streaming economy has exploded in recent years, as the streaming wars between Amazon, Apple, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ and more compete for content.

      This has created a new dynamic for content creators, which can take advantage of the cash rich pockets of multiple hungry buyers. The flexibility of streaming platforms allows them to experiment with new, creative, or nimble smaller productions.

      The COVID-19 Pandemic of the last year has further limited the supply of fresh content, while viewership numbers are increasing, putting opportunity in the hands of content creators who can finance and safely pull off production.

      Join us in the Regiment Private Market Investment Series, to learn from Regiment Echo members Andy Salmen, with his experience in both news and streaming series production, Rodger Welp, who has successfully debuted films in Rocket Dollar's hometown at SXSW, and Kenny Estes who has launched venture capital funds in multiple different asset classes. They will educate us on how entertainment deals are financed, put into production, and pay out to investors when they are picked up by media content platforms.

      Meet the hosts:


      Brendan Walsh

      Brendan Walsh is a fintech entrepreneur and Wisconsin-Madison graduate, coming from the financial advising and the retirement industry in Chicago. Before joining Rocket Dollar, he consulted various fintech, crypto, and blockchain startups growing throughout his home city. Specializing in sales and customer service automation, operations, and partnership management, Brendan has a talent for recognizing opportunities in new markets and creating efficiencies to accelerate the speed of a fintech organization.


      Mike Cavanuagh

      Mike leads business development for Regiment and sets the company vision. After a career as a floor trader in the bond and wheat pits at the CBOT, he co-founded an asset management company in 2006 known today as RCM Wealth Advisors. He was instrumental in growing the assets under management to more than $200mm. After 20+ years of capital markets experience, he chose to move on to focus on helping the next generation of startup leaders and founded FinTech Ranger in 2017. His primary role at FinTech Ranger was growing the network of prospects and referral partners within the financial technology spheres of business including startups in the FinTech space.

      Mike is the co-founder of the Chicago-based Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC), a non-profit organization that lobbies on behalf of small businesses across Chicagoland. He holds a BA from UW Madison.


      Roger Welp

      RCM Alternatives (“RCM”) is a registered commodity brokerage firm which helps HNW individuals, RIAs, and institutional investors identify and access top alternative investments focused in commodities and managed futures. In addition to assisting end investors, RCM’s low cost, consultative, education based approach to alternative investments is a natural fit with investment advisors, while a professional services desk assists hedge funds, commodity trading advisors, and mutual funds set up and efficiently access markets around the world.

      Regiment Echo invests in motion picture entertainment projects where it can help ensure distribution and monetization.


      Kenny Estes

      Digital assets, VC, and alternatives investor/fund manager.


      Andy Salmen

      Storyteller, Innovator, & Entrepreneur.

      Producer, Screenwriter, Media, Marketing & Distribution Executive.

      Specialties: Specializing in the production, marketing and distribution of independent motion picture properties both episodic and feature film. Create, design and execute marketing strategies for the properties we produce and the proprietary characters and worlds we create. Leverage traditional marketing activities, social media, experiential and emerging outlets both public and proprietary to provide a fully integrated marketing and distribution strategy for each project we produce.


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