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Alternative investing, simplified
Our partners make it easy to invest in things like crypto, real estate, and startups.

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      Lesson Series feat. Eckard Enterprises

      Exploring Alternatives

      Lesson #3

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      This dynamic panel discussion explores the world of alternative investments

      Troy W. Eckard, CEO and Manager of Eckard Enterprises and Eckard Land and Acquisition, has been in the energy industry since 1985. His vast knowledge across the sector has provided him and his investing Partners opportunities in oil and gas drilling, mineral rights acquisitions, midstream and pipeline acquisition. Troy has invited Brendan Walsh, Business and Sales Operations Manager at Rocket Dollar, as co-panelist to educate and explain Self-Directed IRAs, and inform everyone about the advantages of a Checkbook Control IRA.


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      Meet the hosts:


      Brendan Walsh

      Brendan Walsh is a fintech entrepreneur and Wisconsin-Madison graduate, coming from the financial advising and the retirement industry in Chicago. Before joining Rocket Dollar, he consulted various fintech, crypto, and blockchain startups growing throughout his home city. Specializing in sales and customer service automation, operations, and partnership management, Brendan has a talent for recognizing opportunities in new markets and creating efficiencies to accelerate the speed of a fintech organization.


      Troy Eckard

      Since 1985, I have been involved in the pursuit of private capital from high net worth investors and family offices to provide the financial engine to acquire alternative and tangible assets. My career has provided me with some incredible relationships with self-made millionaires who have themselves been highly successful in building their own businesses, their own investment portfolios, and their own investment strategies. I have spent 35 years involved in US oil and gas industry.


      Alina Trigub

      Alina Trigub is the founder of SAMO Financial. She loves helping people! Her passion is to spread the word about the benefits of passive investing in various forms of real estate and to empower people to build wealth for themselves and for their families. Alina has MBA in Finance and Management from Rutgers and Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy from City University of New York. She worked as a Tax Accountant at Ernst & Young, as well as in the private sector. For the past few years Alina has worked tirelessly to help her investors participate in the offerings of over 2200 apartment units, $45MM storage fund, and $10MM mobile home park fund. Alina deeply enjoys learning about the goals of potential investors, and exploring venues for improving their portfolios, such as but not limited to demonstrating the benefits of investing using IRA funds in real estate, as well as sharing the tax advantages of real estate investing. She offers investors education through articles and presentations, and a sought after speaker at various real estate events. Alina lives in New Jersey with her loving husband and two awesome kids.


      Alina Trigub

      Over 12 years of international experience in Advertising, Production, Project Management and Operations as a part of Ogilvy, BBDO, Columbia Artists, Citigroup. 14 years of successful residential real estate investing experience along with 4 years of mobile home park investing, with parks in FL, MI and AZ. She is the organizer and the leader of mobile home park investing community “MHP Tribe”.

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