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    Self-Directed Investing

    Special bonus episode in honor of Rocket Dollar Gold being launched this October. Rocket Dollar Gold is taking self-directed investing to another level by packaging a checkbook and debit card with the purchase of a Gold Self-Directed IRA or Gold Self-Directed Solo 401(k). Listen in as Thomas goes over all the features of Rocket Dollar Gold in this short episode of Rocket Your Dollar.




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    Thomas Young: So let's jump right in and talk about who Rocket Dollar Gold is for. Rocket Dollar Gold is for the investor who wants complete control of their retirement savings, to invest in anything they want while getting the highest level of service offered with a self-directed retirement account. There's a couple of other features that we're going to talk about, but they all come back to the customer experience and what you get out of the account. It's also perfect for the investor who is making several investments per year. We have a mix of people that make one or two investments that they've identified and that's why Rocket Dollar was attractive for them. And then we have some customers that are making investments maybe monthly, or quarterly at least, and they want to be able to reach someone quickly on the phone and they want to be at the top of the queue so that they can go about their life quickly, they can make the investment and they can move on.

    And for those who have an investment deadline looming and they have to have the account funded quickly, Rocket Dollar Gold will come with expedited funding every time you want to make a transfer, a rollover, a contribution, or invest money out of your account. So what is Rocket Dollar Gold? Let's talk about some of the product features that are new to Rocket Dollar Gold as opposed to the Rocket Dollar account that we've had for about 18 months now. Basically Rocket Dollar Gold is an extension of the self-directed IRA. Gold account holders will be able to fund their accounts in half the time of a Rocket Dollar Core account. They'll get one free wire transfer from their account a month for that investment that has to be funded quickly or that requires a wire, and you'll have access to dedicated fund support.

    The part that I'm really excited about is that Stradivarius Skinny Low Waist Jean members will also receive branded cheque books and debit cards for their investments. So making an investment will be as easy as writing a cheque from a cheque book that we'll send you that has some cool Rocket Dollar branding on it, as well as you'll have a debit card if you're on an online platform. Or say, you have a rental property and you have to pay a plumber, it'll be really easy to pay using that debit card. So let's talk about why we decided to make Rocket Dollar Gold and make it available to everyone. When we started Rocket Dollar, we had one account for everybody and what we quickly realized is that different people have different needs and this is why we added the expedited feature, which allowed new account holders to fund their accounts in half the time.

    There was really good adoption. People come to us with an investment in mind and they need the money in their account quickly. Whether you're a new self-directed investor or you've been self-directing for a long time, the needs of everybody are a little bit different. And so we wanted to create a product, really two products that let people select what level of attention and service they wanted and then pay for what they wanted and not what they don't want. So you don't have any extra features, but if you need a little bit more, you can have a little bit more.

    Let's run down the Gold product features list. Like any Rocket Dollar account, there is no minimum opening deposit, so if you want to test us out and deposit, 500 or $1000 in it and make one investment, a small investment, just to go through the mechanics, you can always do that and there's no minimum opening deposit.
    Our Rocket Dollar Gold Account will also have a custom named LLC, should you use the IRA portion. That LLC is under the IRA and you'll be able to select the custom name, which is kind of cool for people that maybe you have several LLCs that you've already done things from and you want this to be an extension of that LLC. All of our customers will have the same access to our investment management tools inside their Rocket Dollar dashboard. So you can track your investments across a variety of assets, whatever they may be. It's not a one size fits all tool. It's a tool that you can bend to your needs. Everybody will have the same online document storage, so not only are your plan documents in there or your LLC documents, but you can store your investment documents. And this is where we differ a little bit into the Gold product.

    A Gold account, as opposed to our Core account will have expedited service and transfers. So every time you submit a transfer request as a Gold customer, it will be at the top of the queue for our customer success team. You will get one free monthly wire transfer, like I stated before. So if you're making one or two investments a month, we'll take care of that first wire transfer and save you 25 or 30 bucks, which is nice for the people making those investments.

    You'll receive, like I said earlier as well, an account cheque book and an account debit card and I'm excited that those will be Rocket Dollar branded. So you'll look really cool making an investment with that cheque book or using that debit card. You'll have something that nobody else in the self-directed world has. We're the first to do this and I'm really excited about it. I think I stated this earlier as well, you'll have priority support, so every time you call us or every time you email us you'll be at the top of the queue and you'll get answers quickly and you'll be able to go on your way or make that investment knowing that it's not a prohibited transaction or that you're investing with someone that maybe you shouldn't be. So that's exciting too. And like I said, that's good for people that are making multiple investments because you're able to ask your question and move on.

    We'll also be able to do your tax filings for you. So your 1099-R or your form 5500, different accounts have different reporting requirements but we'll be taking care of those for you as well as a Gold member. And the last one, the Roth IRA conversion assistance. So if you come to us with a traditional IRA and you want to convert that to Roth, our team will... We'll walk you through the process and it'll be a taxable event and we'll help you with that as well. And you'll be able to have your Roth account set up and you'll have cheque book control of it.

    Let's talk about how you can sign up for Rocket Dollar Gold and when you can sign up for Rocket Dollar Gold. So signing up for Rocket Dollar Gold will be similar to signing up for a regular account. You'll go to rocketdollar.com, hit sign up on the upper right hand corner and pretty shortly after we take down some demographic information, you'll be able to select the type of account, whether you want a traditional or Roth IRA, or a solo 401k. And then you'll select Core or a Gold. And if you select core, that's a perfect account. If you either are pretty comfortable with the process and you want to just get your account funded and manage it yourself. Or if you're someone that's planning on making only one or two investments that you've identified and you don't want to pay for extra features, and that account will still be the same price as it's always been, which is $360 one-time sign-up fee and $15 a month.

    If you select Gold, it'll be a $600 sign-up fee and $30 a month. But one of the great things about that $30 monthly fee is that wire will save you 25 bucks every time you make one. So our hope is that really our customers will break-even if they use the features on that account. So that's Rocket Dollar Gold in a nutshell. We're really excited to launch. It will be all available for everyone, October 1st and you'll be able to go in, sign up. And for our existing customers, I want to talk about what's going to happen. You will be upgraded automatically to Rocket Dollar Gold and you'll be able to order your cheques and your debit card directly from your dashboard. You'll keep enjoying the same phone support that you've always had, same email support and every one of your transfers will now be expedited.

    Whenever you bring money into Rocket Dollar, we'll prioritize those requests and make sure that you are always taken care of, and you're still paying $15 a month. So we're not bumping anybody up to $30 that doesn't self-select it on the signup. So if you're hearing this before October 1st, hurry up and get in before the door closes. And for all of our new Rocket Dollar Gold customers, we're really excited to launch this product and we're happy to have you.

    If you have any questions at all about Rocket Dollar Gold, anything that we've talked about, or if you have a question that we haven't talked about, as always, you can tweet us, write us on Facebook or email us at info@rocketdollar.com and our team will jump on your questions and get you everything you need. So thank you, and thanks for listening to this extra product announcement episode.

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    Published on September 30 2019