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Partner Spotlight: Kickfurther

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Investing in inventory was completely new to me. After meeting David Koifman and the Kickfurther team back in 2018, I finally got started in the product consignment investment game, which is why I’d like to highlight my own great experience and share some of the team’s:

As an experienced alternative investor while fulfilling my day job of Business Development at Rocket Dollar, I like to think there are not too many surprises left in the space. Between the tremendous growth of equity crowdfunding and the digital evolution of real estate, private equity, and digital assets, there are tons of companies building amazing investor experiences and it’s hard to find something truly unique.

The Kickfurther team has done just that, with an amazing sleek and simple way to bring brands and buyers together, creating a robust marketplace for growing brands who need more money to scale their business and would rather partner with the private market than cumbersome banks.

Q&A with David Koifman

I asked David, VP of Business Development about the platform and how it helps the entire community:

“We know our solution helps companies grow, and we’ve engaged a third-party consultant to review our users’ results to verify how strong we believe our platform performs for backers, and we’ve seen that validated. We’re excited to build partnerships like this that help us share the opportunity our platform provides for those looking to grow their money.”

This brings great staying power to the relationship, by engaging operating businesses that need capital to keep supply chains running well. An often unknown industry the inventory financing space offers amazing opportunities:

“It’s a simple fact that many brands use financing of some sort to fund their inventory purchases because of the cash pinch that can be caused by the delay between paying a manufacturer and later receiving payment from retailers, and we’ve invited individuals into that market to profit where once only banks and financers could.”

Paramount for Rocket Dollar and our users is the experience. Not only do you expect great technology, but a rewarding experience to put your dollars to work in:

“We’ve had a number of users become Kickfurther evangelists because of their experiences, and that’s fueled a lot of word-of-mouth growth, but we’re excited to be able to partner with other platforms as dedicated to empowering individuals to be more active about growing their money.”


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Another amazing detail is that Kickfurther’s opportunities do not require accreditation or have income limitations like equity crowdfunding. It’s an extremely open and welcoming system that pairs perfectly with tax-advantaged dollars.

I’ve been absolutely thrilled to allocate some of my Roth IRA dollars to Kickfurther deals (having just received my first payment back on my first Kickfurther Co-Op)! It’s an incredible diversifier for your retirement and an awesome way to support small businesses across the country.

Visit kickfurther.com to learn more.



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