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5 Reasons to Consider a Rocket Dollar Account

5 Reasons to Consider a Rocket Dollar Account

At Rocket Dollar, we believe there are dozens of reasons why it makes sense to invest and save for retirement with an account from Rocket Dollar but don't take it from us. Below are five reasons our customers say they love their Rocket Dollar accounts.

1) Ultimate Investment Flexibility

With a Rocket Dollar account, we don't limit what you can invest in within your IRA or Solo 401(k). As long as it's an allowed investment according to the IRS, we don't place any limitations on whether you can make that investment or not.

It's your hard-earned and saved money, and you should have the final word on what assets you hold within your retirement account, not us, a custodian, or a provider only offering a pre-set menu of mutual funds.

2) Straightforward Pricing - No Surprises!

Since our inception, we've had the simple goal of having the industry's most simple, straightforward pricing. Our pricing does not change regardless of what you choose to invest in, how many assets you hold, or how much money you have in your account.

Our pricing includes a one-time setup fee and then a monthly maintenance subscription. Our two tiers are structured to provide investors the level of service they desire, combined with the flexibility they need. That way, folks are only paying for the services they need and not what they don't.

3) Ease of Setup and Funding

Setting up an account with Rocket Dollar is a simple 3 step process, and our team is here to answer any questions that may pop up along the way. The entire process is entirely online, and

The first step to setting up a new Rocket Dollar account is to provide us with the information needed to open an account. This process is similar to opening any financial account and typically takes no more than 5 minutes. Here you'll choose the specific type of account you want, whether a traditional or Roth IRA or maybe a Solo 401(k).

Once your account has been created, the second step is to fund your new account. Funding an account is typically done in three main ways. The first is to roll over an eligible 401(k) from a previous employer. The second is to transfer an existing IRA you have with another provider. Finally, the third is to contribute directly to your Rocket Dollar account.

Once your account is funded, you're ready to move to the third step, which is to invest! Whether you already know what investment you want to make, or are holding cash for when the next opportunity comes across your desk, investing is as simple as making a wire or ACH transfer.

4) Easily Track Investments Across Asset Classes

The range of investments you can make with a Rocket Dollar means that tracking all of your assets is very important. To that end, we created an investment tracker, which makes monitoring investments across asset classes simple, and makes year-end reporting as simple as making sure that all of your investments are up to date in the tracker.

While different types of accounts we offer each have unique reporting requirements every year, the investment tracker makes meeting requirements simple and takes the headache out of staying compliant.

5) Our Customer Support Team

Our support team is here to answer any questions that may pop up along the way. They will work with you to make sure that the process of setting up, funding, and investing with your account goes smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Our Knowledge Base is also an excellent resource for commonly asked questions. We are constantly updating the articles in the Knowledge Base and adding new ones as they come up.

If you have any questions on how any of our accounts work or which may be best for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team or send us an email at info@rocketdollar.com.

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