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      The 2020 Webinar

      The Rocket Dollar Solo 401(k)

      For self-employed individuals, a Rocket Dollar Solo 401(k) is the most powerful retirement investment vehicle. This webinar covers the Solo 401(k), it's benefits, and how to open one in time for the 2020 tax year.

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      Key points:

      Why is the Solo 401(k) so powerful?
      Why is the Solo 401(k) so powerful?

      Both Tradition and Roth buckets in one, high contribution rates, self-loaning, and UDFI exemption... the Solo K is all that and more.

      How do you qualify?

      This account isn't for everyone. The webinar will go over a series of qualifications including self-employment status, savings plans, and contribution goals.

      What can investments can you make?
      What can investments can you make?

      The better question is what can't you invest in. We'll cover that (don't worry, it's not a long list).

      What about UBIT & UDFI?

      Be aware, not afraid, of UBIT. The good news is Solo 401(k)s are UDFI exempt!

      Meet the hosts:

      Chris Palmisano

      COO & CRO

      Brendan Walsh

      Business & Sales Operations Manager