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Alternative investing, simplified
Our partners make it easy to invest in things like crypto, real estate, and startups.

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      Investing into Cash-flowing Multi-family Assets with Your IRA

      feat. Caltier Realty

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      Investing Into Cash-flowing Multi-family Assets with Your IRA | CalTier Webinar

      Unparalleled access to commercial real estate

      Rocket Dollar and CalTier Realty have teamed up to provide in-depth knowledge on how to build consistent cash flow in your IRA through multi-family property investments. Multi-family is one of the bedrocks of Self-Directed Investing because of it's simplicity, pooled property management services, and diversification across local economies.

      Meet the hosts:


      Brendan Walsh

      Brendan Walsh is a fintech entrepreneur and Wisconsin-Madison graduate, coming from the financial advising and the retirement industry in Chicago. Before joining Rocket Dollar, he consulted various fintech, crypto, and blockchain startups growing throughout his home city. Specializing in sales and customer service automation, operations, and partnership management, Brendan has a talent for recognizing opportunities in new markets and creating efficiencies to accelerate the speed of a fintech organization.


      Matt Belcher

      Matt Belcher is a seasoned executive, business developer and entrepreneur engaged in many aspects of real estate, technology, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), large-scale complex real estate transactions, and commerce both into and out of the US. He resides in Southern California (originally from England) and is a resource for any international individual, organization, family office looking to deploy capital, and invest in the United States, specifically cash-flowing commercial real estate assets.

      He has over 20 years of executive management experience across several continents covering deal structuring, M&A, and sales/marketing while working with some of the largest companies in the world including BP, Shell, The International Olympic Committee, FT.com, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, Virgin and many more globally. He is engaged in many aspects of complex real estate transactions, deal origination, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), foreign trade, and deal structuring. His Real Estate experience covers projects and deals ranging from $1 Million to over $1BN. Matt is also a Managing Partner of CalTier Realty. LLC, CEO, and Co-Founder San Diego EB-5 Regional Center and Co-Founder - SDEB5 Consulting.

      He is the founder and CEO of San Diego EB-5 Regional Center, CO-Founder and Managing Partner of CalTier Realty, LLC, Founder and Managing Partner of San Diego C-PACE Funding. Within these roles, he provides high-value advice, project direction, and deal-making services to project owners and stakeholders looking to leverage creative real estate financing and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as a whole.