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How to Identify Market Inefficiencies to Build an Edge or Generate Alpha

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Identifying Market Inefficiencies

Kirkland Capital Group is an investment fund manager combining 75+ years of investment management, real estate, and technology to Build and Fortify Your Wealth. Their principal preservation-focused income fund generates passive high-yield income, it delivered over 11% returns for 2022.

Investors feel happy they capture strong returns and are doing good, as the Fund’s micro-balance real estate loans are used to rehabilitate middle-income affordable housing and neighborhoods, making a positive social and environmental impact. They also offer the opportunity to invest along with them in the equity side of real estate via multifamily and extended stay hospitality properties, which generate stable passive income, tax advantages, diversification, and capital appreciation.

Viewers will learn how to identify market inefficiencies so they can build an edge or generate alpha that is repeatable. This can also help investors evaluate different funds and their strategies to see if they really have an edge that is repeatable.

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You’ll learn:

  • The different types of investment due diligence.
  • Market inefficiencies and how to identify them during the due diligence process.
  • Using market inefficiencies to establish an edge.
  • Different examples of how you can turn market inefficiencies into investment strategies.

Meet the hosts:


Chris Carsley
Kirkland Capital Group Logo


Chris Carsley brings over 25 years of investment industry expertise specializing in portfolio management, risk management, valuation, regulatory compliance practices, corporate and venture finance, business operations efficiency, research & analysis, and hedging. Chris is CIO and Managing Partner for Kirkland Capital Group and is responsible for portfolio management, risk assessment, and fund operations for the Kirkland Income Fund, a micro-balance commercial real estate bridge financing fund.


Nick Gonzaga
Rocket Dollar

Nick Gonzaga is Rocket Dollar's Senior Sales Representative. Has been securities registered since 2006, with 15 years of experience in the finance and investment industry. Most recently was with Arthur J Gallagher as a retirement consultant managing 500MM+ in institutional assets. Before that, he was with Merrill Lynch, where he worked with Rocket Dollar CEO Henry Yoshida.




Brendan Walsh
Rocket Dollar


Brendan Walsh is the Operations Manager for Rocket Dollar. He works on background processes to make it easier for internal Rocket Dollar teams to work together and investment issuers to work with Rocket Dollar customers. Before Rocket Dollar, he was a financial advisor assisting customers with their personal investments and business owners on their 401(k) retirement plan structure.



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