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How to Deliver Value in Self Storage: A Few Case Studies.

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The Value in Self-Storage Investing

Self Storage. You’ve likely heard of the asset class. And why it makes a strong contender for your investment consideration. Beyond the eye-catching headlines and primary investment theses, though: what does it actually look like to generate value through self-storage investments?

Corinn Altomare, founder of Hearthfire Holdings, will take you behind the scenes. She will share key business strategy decisions made to maximize storage operations and return on investment in this unique asset class and share specific case studies that illustrate the results of these strategies put into practice.

  • Case Study 1: Value-Add, single property acquisition, rural Pennsylvania.
  • Case Study 2: Value-Add + small expansions, portfolio acquisition, suburban Indiana.
  • Case Study 3: Large expansion, single property acquisition, suburban Illinois.

Driving this growth is founders Sergio and Corinn Altomare's focus on building an investment platform anchored in an elite, enterprise-level team, a best-of-breed tech stack, and scalable brand and operations to deliver results with high-quality self-storage assets.

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You’ll learn:

  • People: the single most important element for identifying, acquiring, and operating a prosperous self-storage asset.
  • The Process: from investment thesis, acquisitions, and operations strategy to critical system operations
  • Technology: the tools that enable our people and implement the process.

Meet the hosts:

Corinn Altomare

Corinn Altomare
Hearthfire Holdings Logo


Corinn Altomare is co-founder of Hearthfire Holdings, a featured speaker on the self-storage industry, and a passionate advocate of the power of real estate (self-storage especially) as the best foundation for long-term, reliable wealth growth. She holds a Masters's in Music Performance from the University of Southern California.


Nick Gonzaga
Rocket Dollar

Nick Gonzaga is Rocket Dollar's Senior Sales Representative. Has been securities registered since 2006, with 15 years of experience in the finance and investment industry. Most recently was with Arthur J Gallagher as a retirement consultant managing 500MM+ in institutional assets. Before that, he was with Merrill Lynch, where he worked with Rocket Dollar CEO Henry Yoshida.




Brendan Walsh
Rocket Dollar


Brendan Walsh is the Operations Manager for Rocket Dollar. He works on background processes to make it easier for internal Rocket Dollar teams to work together and investment issuers to work with Rocket Dollar customers. Before Rocket Dollar, he was a financial advisor assisting customers with their personal investments and business owners on their 401(k) retirement plan structure.



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