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Diversifying Your Portfolio with Colombia's #1 Largest Coffee Producer

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Investing in a leader of the Global Coffee Industry with Legacy Group

The Green Coffee Company, a Legacy Group portfolio company and Colombia’s largest coffee producer, has announced the launch of its $100 million Series C funding round. The round consists of a proposed $25 million in equity investment and $75 million in debt funding. Proceeds from the Series C funding round will be deployed towards more farm acquisitions, farm development and infrastructure, U.S. coffee roasting operations and alcohol distillation of coffee byproducts. The Green Coffee Company is on-track for a 2026 sale or IPO in the U.S. and is projecting an 11x return on investment in 2026 for investors who participate now in this funding round.


Learn more about Green Coffee Company + Rocket Dollar

You’ll learn:

  • Alternative Investments in Colombia.
  • The Green Coffee Company, a Legacy Group portfolio company, and Colombia’s #1 largest coffee producer.
  • Earning substantial returns on invested capital through a 2026 sale or IPO.

Meet the hosts:

Josh Ziegelbaum

Josh Ziegelbaum
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Josh currently serves as Director of Investor Relations at Legacy Group and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is responsible for managing investor communications, onboarding, individual and commercial relationships, as well as overall support of company initiatives. The dynamic work experience Josh has gained throughout his career gives him a unique perspective on both sales and operations. Josh is originally from New Jersey where he studied economics at Rutgers University, and received a Series 7 license in 2017. He is known for his passion around building deep relationships with his clients and for consistently acting in their best interests.



Nick Gonzaga
Rocket Dollar

Nick Gonzaga is Rocket Dollar's Senior Sales Representative. Has been securities registered since 2006, with 15 years of experience in the finance and investment industry. Most recently was with Arthur J Gallagher as a retirement consultant managing 500MM+ in institutional assets. Before that, he was with Merrill Lynch, where he worked with Rocket Dollar CEO Henry Yoshida.



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