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Alternative Investing with Touzi Capital

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Rocket Dollar + Touzi Capital Webinar: Alternative Investing with Touzi Capital

What are the benefits of passive income investing?

Touzi Capital provides passive investments across a number of different asset classes, including multifamily, assisted living, energy, and bitcoin mining — among others. In just over 2 years, they have grown their investor base to 1,400 total investors with $300MM AUM despite limited marketing activities.

Touzi Capital is pleased to share its most recent offerings…

The Regard: Multifamily offering in Houston, TX.
Senior Living Blended fund: Assisted living offering with 3 distinct classes of shares.
SpaceX: Pre-IPO offering of SpaceX

You’ll learn:

  • Multifamily Investments
  • The Houston, TX Rental Market
  • Investing In Assisted Living Facilities
  • Pre- IPO Stock (SpaceX)

Meet the hosts:


Eng Taing


Eng Taing currently runs Touzi Capital (pronounced Toe-Zee), a private equity investment firm with nearly 1,350 investors and $350MM of assets under management. He has 12 years of experience investing in real estate, with thousands of units of multifamily and 10 senior living communities under management across states like Michigan, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and California. He also runs a bitcoin mining investment company with deployments across several states running on renewable energy.

Nick Gonzaga | Rocket Dollar

Nick Gonzaga
Rocket Dollar

Nick Gonzaga is Rocket Dollar's Senior Sales Representative. Has been securities registered since 2006, with 15 years of experience in the finance and investment industry. Most recently was with Arthur J Gallagher as a retirement consultant managing 500MM+ in institutional assets. Before that he was with Merrill Lynch, where he worked with Rocket Dollar CEO Henry Yoshida.

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