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8-Day Self-Directed IRA Email Course

This course is designed to educate investors with intermediate knowledge of SDIRAs.

Overview of Self-Directed IRAs

Get introduced to self-directed IRAs and understand how they work.

Traditional vs. Roth

Understand the differences between the types of self-directed IRAs.

Risks and Benefits

While there are plenty of benefits to these retirement accounts, it's important to know the associated risks.

Course Curriculum

Day 1 What is a self-directed IRA?
Day 2 Understanding a Self-Directed IRA
Day 3 Who Can Open a Self-Directed IRA?
Day 4 How to Open a Self-Directed IRA
Day 5 Traditional vs. Roth
Day 6 Self-Directed IRA Benefits
Day 7 Self-Directed IRA Rules
Day 8 Self-Directed IRA FAQs

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