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In-Kind Transfers

Rocket Dollar can offer In-Kind transfers to any investor with an asset that would be allowed at our custodian. Be aware that these transfers are handled in a different flow than cash transfers from other retirement accounts, and waitlist time can depend on the incoming volume at Rocket Dollar. Rocket Dollar cannot accept any publicly traded securities as we are unable to hold such assets at this time. 

Direct custody assets can be transferred with a silver membership. However, if you are wanting to transfer a checkbook IRA asset (IRA w/ LLC or Trust), then you are required to have a Rocket Dollar gold membership. 

Please submit a request to the Rocket Dollar transfer in-kind waitlist, as we will not support an in-kind transfer request unless your information has been submitted and the team has given your written approval.

At this time, on 05/31/2024, Rocket Dollar is exploring adding support for crypto in-kind transfers. You can leave a submission to add yourself to the waitlist, but please be patient as we explore the important unique factors needed to best service crypto IRA clients. Some clients situations might be more complex than others. 

In-Kind Transfer Waitlist

Please provide us with details about your assets at other IRA Custodians.