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Alternative assets in your retirement account.

With a Rocket Dollar account, you're free to invest in the assets you want.


Alternative assets, Crypto,Real estate,Startups,Crowdfunding,Peer-to-peer loans,Farmland,Gold
in your retirement account.

With a Rocket Dollar account, you're free to invest in the assets you want.


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What is an alternative investment?

An alternative investment is anything outside of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. An alternative investment might be purchasing rental real estate or investing in a cool new startup, and those are just two examples in a universe of possibilities.

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What is an alternative investment?

Invest in more

Stocks and bonds are good assets to add to a portfolio, but there are several other types of alternative assets that can diversify your retirement funds.

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Invest in more

Bring your own deal (BYOD)

Have a cool investment in mind? With a Rocket Dollar IRA, you're free to invest in what you want. If you already know the investment you want to make with your Rocket Dollar IRA, our team will help you open, fund, and invest in whatever you want with your new account.

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Bring your own deal (BYOD)

Best in class support

Our support team is here to make sure that your account is opened, funded, and invested. We know that questions come up, and our team is here to make sure you're confident and secure.

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Accounts that fit your retirement goals

Need help finding the right Self-Directed account? We're here to help.


Diversify your portfolio

Move past more traditional assets and dive into alternative investment strategies.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Make investments in single-family, multi-family, syndicates, and more!


All the upside, none of the tax headaches!

Precious Metals
Precious Metals

Historically one of the best hedges against market volatility and uncertainty.

Peer-to-peer Loans
Peer-to-peer Loans

Make a loan using your IRA, and payments go right back to your IRA!

Small Businesses & Startups
Small Businesses & Startups

Help a small business get off the ground, and enjoy no taxes when it takes off.

Private Equity
Private Equity

Portfolio diversification with high-risk, high-return investments unaffected by the public market.

Don’t take our word for it


The beautiful thing about Rocket Dollar is you can invest in unusual assets (real property, venture capital, private equity) and route it through Rocket Dollar and you’re self-empowered to self-direct those assets.

Jen Hollars
Investment Professional

I could not find another organization that could do this as efficiently and in that price range. They're very responsive and in the way they communicate to me I find helpful, direct, and they put it in terms that I understood.

Dave Powers
Local Realtor

I chose Rocket Dollar because it was a very simple, streamlined process; very easy to use, well-managed. I didn't have to look at other companies, it just fulfilled what I needed.

Peter Daniel
Reg. Acct. Exec. at Samsung Neurologica

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Ready to take control?

Rocket Dollar | Open an account
Step 1

Choose the right account for you and sign up in under 5 minutes—completely online.

Rocket Dollar | Fund your account

Fund your account in just a few short days. Our support team is here to help initiate rollovers.

Rocket Dollar | Invest

From there, diversify. Making investments is as simple as writing a check—track it all on your dashboard.

Rocket Dollar | Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

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