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Application Notice 6/13/2022

Celsius has "pausing all withdrawals, Swap, and transfers between accounts." Rocket Dollar customers should not fund new accounts until a plan for current accounts and liquidity is communicated by Celsius Network. 


Below are the application steps for Celsius Earn. Do NOT use Celsius Lend unless you fully understand the impact of UBIT and UDFI on an IRA. For the average investor, filling a UBIT 990T form is needlessly complex, and mishandling a loan can result in a prohibited transaction.

  1. Acquire Cryptocurrency through your IRA LLC. You must use another exchange to acquire a supported Celsius Network Cryptocurrency. The most popular are BTC, ETH, or USDC. If you are using another exchange, you can review instructions in the FAQs on the Partners Page or the Knowledge Base

  2. Celsius Onboarding Application

  3. Review our knowledge base instructions on how to apply.

  4. Review all applications questions with support@celsius.network. Rocket Dollar support or partnerships will not be able to assist with your account.Keep in mind applications will take at least one to two weeks and could have significant multiweek delays during crypto highs and interest. Submitting documents and then submitting additional documents will keep your application moving. Due to the growth of Celsius Network's business, you will need to wait during these times, and Rocket Dollar support or sales will not be able to assist your application or speed.

  5. Make sure to fill out your W9 correctly and submit it according to instructions. Mistakes could trigger tax reporting, which can cause significant issues for an IRA.

  6. Fund your account. Some customers purchase cryptocurrency from another exchange in the name of their IRA LLC and transfer it. All fees are set by Celsius Network on crypto trades in and out of fiat.

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