Rocket Dollar Knowledge Base

How long does an account take to open? What should I expect from expedited service? How much does expedited service cost?

Expedited account fulfillment means the prioritization of your account, and that your Self-Directed IRA will be opened in 15 days or your Solo 401(k) in 15 days. It costs $200 as an add-on fee at checkout.

Why would I need expedited service?

Many of our customers are trying to meet investment deadlines and deal closings. That dream rental property might be available, but could slip away soon. Expedited service will help you breathe easy.

From zero to funded, non-expedited IRAs can take 2-4 weeks. We have to open your account and LLC, and also wait for a transfer from your current custodian.

From zero to funded, non-expedited 401(k)s can take 2-4 weeks. We can open a 401(k) quickly, usually within 1-2 weeks, but must wait for a transfer from your current custodian. 401(k) transfers from some custodians can take a long time, and sometimes may be antiquated, requiring forms from your HR department or physical checks through snail mail.

What benefits do I get from expedited service?

Self-Directed IRAs can be opened in 15 days

Self-Directed Solo 401(k)s can be opened in 15 days

  1. First in line for account fulfillment actions
  2. Assistance calling your current custodian for support during transfers
  3. Prioritization and the extra for any communication needs that may be delaying your account.

Why do accounts sometimes take so long? Why can't all accounts be opened that fast?

Waiting for transfers from other custodians is usually the longest part of the process. It can involve multiple rounds of paperwork and communication between you, your current custodian, and Rocket Dollar. Working through transfers is one of the most frustrating and antiquated parts of retirement, and we are working hard to improve this experience for you!


There are also three parts to every IRA: An IRA structure, an LLC, and an LLC bank account. For a Solo 401(k), there is a Solo 401(k) plan document, trust(s), and trust bank account. This structure helps you gain checkbook control over your retirement dollars.  For more on the structure of an IRA account, you can learn here.

You can utilize our transfer tool from the Rocket Dollar Customer Dashboard if you have purchased an IRA product. We will continue to work on making Solo 401(k) transfers inside our customer dashboard well. 401(k) customers can email

Is there anything I can do to speed up the time it takes to get my account opened?

  1. Sign all paperwork as soon as it becomes available.
  2. Gather your financial statements ahead of time... you can upload these to the transfer tool in the Rocket Dollar IRA Customer Dashboard. It's hard to find those old passwords! Financial companies often need extra identity verification steps to retrieve online and reset passwords.
  3. For 401(k) rollovers, call your old custodian right away for your 401(k) and ask for the rollover process, and if there are rollover/distribution papers that need signing. Sometimes there is a form that your old boss or HR might need to approve.