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Why Is Rocket Dollar doing a crowdfunding campaign and where can I find more information?

We've opened a crowdfunding campaign on with the goal of not only raising money but putting our money where our mouth is in regards to what you can invest in with a Rocket Dollar account.

Where do I find answers about if I want to invest in Rocket Dollar, terms of the deal, and any questions about investing?

All questions must be answered on the Republic Rocket Dollar Deal Page at Our CFO and executive team will get back to you ASAP! You can feel free to share this page with anyone in your network

Our sales team can speak in generalities about Rocket Dollar if you are interested in an account, but unfortunately, we have to refer all investment questions specific to the Rocket Dollar SAFE deal back to that page

Where do I find answers about the mechanics of my account, and how Rocket Dollar and Republic work together?

You can review our Republic Details page. We layout a lot of the basics of how to invest in the Republic Rocket Dollar deal, how to use a new Rocket Dollar account to enter the deal, or how to use an existing Rocket Dollar Account and an existing Republic account together.

If you need help buying an account, you can call our sales team at 1-855-762-5383

I purchased an account now. Where do I get support and updates as my account is opened?

You can log in to the Rocket Dollar dashboard and see the support options in the top right-hand corner. You can email support or schedule a call. 

Our sales team is busy helping those who are purchasing new accounts, and will not always have the most up to date info on your account opening as our support team!

How do I redeem my account rebate promised in the Republic Perks section?

  1. Use the code REPUBLIC” to sign up for a Rocket dollar account of your choice. 
  2. You will receive $30 off at checkout, which will cover the first month of your account for Core or Gold. You will also pay the sign-up fee of $360 or $600, which will be rebated on the condition and closing of your Rocket Dollar Republic SAFE investment according to the perks on
  3. You will pay future monthly fees of $15 (Core) or $30 (Gold), but your sign up fee rebate will be processed within 60 days after the closing of the Rocket Dollar SAFE deal.
  4. Please use only the referral code “REPUBLIC” to keep your account signified for rebate. Buying a different account or using a different referral code will still be the same discount for a waived sign-up fee.

What are the terms and conditions of receiving a Rocket Dollar account as an investment perk?

  • Promotional accounts are new accounts opened by Republic investors before April 28th. They require participation in the Republic Crowdfunding offering at the indicated level, PLUS the transfer, rollover, or contribution of at least $5,000 into the Rocket Dollar account by May 28th. 
  • Promotional accounts require the collection of credit card information for payment of the full sign-up fee ($360 for Core, $600 for Gold) and require ongoing compliance fees of $15 per month for Core and $30 per month for Gold.
  • Rebates will be processed within 60 days of the closing of the offering and will be only for the amount paid for the sign-up fee.
  • Any in-kind transfers will be charged at the standard rate of $400 per asset.
  • California residents must participate at the $500 minimum level and must open a Gold account with their promotion.

Is there a reason I have to pay a sign-fee? Why do I have to pay that now and get it rebated later?

Rocket Dollar is happy to have you as a new customer. However, there are some costs associated with opening accounts in the time and money we spend on them in the first 30 days!

Once the closing of the Republic deal officially commits your investment, we will start executing rebates within 60 days.