Pricing and Refund Policy

What are some FAQs about referral codes?

Referral code offers do not stack. Pick whatever code works for you.

There are two types of referral codes

  • Current customer referrals. A current customer can give you a code to give yourself some dollars off when you purchase, and then a benefit to the current customer. You can then take advantage of your own code when you become a customer. This code will appear in your bottom left of your dashboard at
  • Partner referral codes. Many investment issuers, financial advisors, CPAs, and alternative investment educators are friends of Rocket Dollar. As an appreciation for our mutual audiences, Rocket Dollar gives a discount to customers from that audience. This also helps give our teams immediate clues about what your customer needs might be, like what investment you like to invest in and how we can help you as you open our account.

What are some FAQs on referral codes?

  • Apologies, but Rocket Dollar cannot combine or stack referral code offers. If there is an issue with a referral code, you can email or call 855-762-5383 for our sales team. Our support team is busy helping customers with essential account fulfillment tasks. 
  • Various websites specialize in just posting referral codes. Instead of finding a referral code naturally through a partner or current customers, prospective customers search through these websites. Some of these might be outdated, and Rocket Dollar does not expect to honor expired codes from these websites. 
  • If you are coming through an investment partner, or current Rocket Dollar customer or investment partner that who told you about a code that was expected to be active, you can call 
  • If you missed entering a referral code while you were purchasing an account, you can let us know ASAP within the first 24 hours at or 855-762-5383. However, know that correcting that mistake is a manual process instead of an automatic process, plus the 5-10 days to refund the dollars to your account through our payment processor Stripe. If the request is issued after 24 hours, Rocket Dollar