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I run a marketplace for alternative investments, real estate, or crowdfunding. How can I work with Rocket Dollar?

Rocket Dollar API that can easily integrate with your website, enabling your customers to fund platform deals and alternative investments with retirement dollars at the click of a button.

Accelerate funding! Cash is only a small portion of the investable assets of your customer base.

The average American holds a significantly higher amount of dollars in retirement assets than in cash. If you are successfully pulling in cash through your platform, you would likely be able to attract more dollars. This means more deals funded, more attached clients, and less time and money spent to acquire new dollars.

Detailed Partner Workflow

Partner API, Technology, and simplicity for you and your clients

We continue to work on partnerships and synergies to make our clients account management and ability to access the Self-Directed IRA smoother, quicker, and hassle-free. Our partner API is now available, with the goal of being able to fund an alternative investment not with cash, but with a retirement account at the click of a button.

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As financial technology has accelerated, clients and partnerships deserve an experience with as little friction as possible. Self-directed investments should not have a hard barrier to entry. Rocket Dollar was founded to expand access to self-directed investments for the masses.

What if implementing an API is too much work for my team right now?

Don't worry. We have plenty of lower tech pull methods that we can work on for our mutual customers. We want to be able to track clients, referrals, and lesson friction for your customers funding your assets or deals.

Partner Team Management

With our Partnership team, we want to provide support and technical resources to further develop a successful partnership, including priority customer service and easy access to our partner API.

Don't wait years for the biggest stock and bond brokers to approve your product for retirement accounts.

If you have been watching the trials and tribulations of the Bitcoin ETF, or have ever tried to negotiate with compliance to get your investments on a traditional Wall Street finance platform, you know that this can be a frustrating, endless, and often fruitless endeavor. The biggest stock, bond, and mutual trading platforms are usually not interested in adding anything that they cannot charge AUM fees on or that would distract from their core offerings; otherwise,  they would have to take time training extra compliance staff.

A Rocket Dollar Account can access almost any investment in a retirement account. You know your investment products, your customers know your product, and we are happy to provide a link.