What state should I register my Colorado LLC as a foreign entity in if my IRA will be renting and/or operating real estate as an asset?

Rocket Dollar requires registration in the state the real estate property is located in to comply with state rental and business rules. If you are renting/running a real estate operating company, contact us for the unique LLC structure information.


What state LLC do Rocket Dollar accounts default to?

Rocket Dollar defaults to a Colorado LLC. They are affordable, business friendly, and easy to work with, enabling us to deliver better value to our customers.

What should I do if I own property in a state other than Colorado?

Generally, your LLC should be registered as a foreign entity if you start renting out that property to tenants.

Why? When you are renting a property, you could be subject to local state rules. Your IRA is now a landlord, and as needs and properties of your real estate purchasing increase, you could be seen as a real estate operating company and subject to certain local laws and regulations

You should contact us at (1 855-762-5383) or customers can contact support from the top right of their dashboard. California investments will need specific instructions as well, so contact us or read this article.

What about the Solo 401(k)?

The Rocket Dollar Sol0 401(k) utilizes a retirement trust. Trusts do not have to be registered in states like LLCs.


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