Self-Directed IRA FAQs

I already own an alternative asset custodied in a Self-Directed IRA. Can I transfer this to my checkbook IRA/LLC account within my Rocket Dollar Self-Directed IRA?

Customers must buy a Gold account and will be charged $400 per asset in order to support in-kind transfers

Can my new LLC accept it?

It can as long as we set up your account appropriately. This is one of the most complex processes that we help our customers with, and we require our customers to buy gold. Please let us know at before or as soon as you wish to buy an account for an in-kind transfer.

This is because we usually have to help our customers communicate with multiple parties to retitle the asset. 

You can read more on our in-kind transfer product page.

Will there be any fees?

There could be a $400 per asset fee that will be applied if we have to go through a retitling process to obtain custody. (so 5,000 shares of private stock in a company and one property would be $400)

Is there any way to avoid these fees?

You can sell your asset inside your current retirement account, rollover cash at no extra charge, and then buy a similar asset. Be sure not to commit a prohibited transaction between your personal assets and your retirement account. 

Will I have to do anything special with the rollover?

This will take a slightly different process to open your IRA and transfer it. 

If it's easy to sell your investments and transfer only cash, you can do that for added convenience

If you are about to purchase and execute an in-kind transfer, you should contact sales to let us know 1-855-762-5383 or



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