Rocket Dollar Core and Rocket Dollar Gold

I want to upgrade/downgrade my subscription from Rocket Dollar Core to Rocket Dollar Gold

You can contact us at any time to get Rocket Dollar Gold. Rocket Dollar Gold is a 12-month commitment.


How Do I upgrade?

If you want to upgrade to Gold, please contact our sales line or send an email to (1-855-762-5383)

If you upgrade in the 30 days/during fulfillment

  • you can gain access to expedited fulfillment for the rest of your onboarding.
  • You will be charged the difference between a Core Signup fee and Gold Signup fee ($360+$15 for the first month = $475 , $600+$30 for the first month = $630)
If you upgrade after fulfillment of your account is completed and funded.
  • Your card will be charged at $30 and will gain access to all the Gold features. 
  • You will not be charged for an additional signup fee

How do I downgrade?

Rocket Dollar Gold is a 12-month commitment. You cannot downgrade to Core until 12 months after. You must continue your account, or shut down your account at Rocket Dollar.

If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your service, let us know at connecting support to address your account needs. You can contact support by logging into your dashboard. 

Refund Policy

Customers how are unsatisfied or no longer a fit for an account can receive a full refund within 30 days with our normal refund policy.