Investing FAQs

How do I invest with my Self-Directed IRA LLC?

Below is a guide to getting started investing with your IRA LLC.

The Basics

A self-directed IRA LLC holds one investment: the LLC. See more here. The LLC is a single-member, manager-managed LLC.

The account owner is the Manager of the LLC, is the responsible party for deal review and to fund investments, and is the signer on the LLC's bank account.

Prior to sending any funds ensure your investment is not prohibited/restricted. See more here

Your IRA owned LLC should be the investor of record on all investments made with the IRA LLC. All deal or investment paperwork should clearly reflect that. Use the IRS SS-4, available on your Rocket Dollar Dashboard, to find the EIN (Tax ID Number) for your LLC.

If your investment issuer asks you to provide a W-9, see our article here.

If you need the LLC Operating Agreement or Articles of Incorporation, please log into Rocket Dollar and click on 'Documents'.

When signing deal documents, subscription documents, or opening accounts, sign as "John Doe, Manager" or "John Doe, MGR." This is to be clear that you "the person" are not signing as the investor, but you are signing in the capacity of "the Manager" of the investor of record: the LLC.
However, if there are fields asking for information about the 'Beneficial Owner' or 'Control Person', then you should enter your personal information.

Funding your IRA with new Contributions, Rollovers, & Transfers

All new IRA contributions, rollovers from qualified plans such as employer sponsored 401(k) plans, and transfers from other IRAs must be processed at the IRA level, not the LLC.

Customers can make new contributions to their IRA via check, wire, or ACH. ACH must be initiated from the customer's personal bank account. Email to receive the contribution form and follow the instructions on the contribution form.

The initiate a rollover or transfer, simply click the "Add Funds" button in the Rocket Dollar Dashboard, fill out the form, and attach the most recent statement from the outgoing financial institution. The "Add Funds" feature is available when your account has been opened.

After funds clear the IRA, Rocket Dollar will direct the custodian to contribute the funds to the LLC. Then, you can wire funds, write a check, etc. to fund your investments.

Do not contribute funds directly to the LLC. 

Funding your Investments via ACH or Checks

Setting up your investment as an ACH/Bill Payee with our bank partner is free. You can also ask for six free starter checks. Most clients use either of these methods to fund their first few investments. 

Funding your Investments via Wire Transfer

To send an outgoing wire, please log into your Solera account. Then, click Messages (upper right), then New Message, then select your account in 'Regarding', and select Wire Transfer in 'Category'. The investment issuer, sponsor, or broker will provide you with their wire instructions. Enter the investment issuer's bank account details in the message section.

Please Note:

For domestic wires, the daily wire cut-off time is 2:00PM (MT).
The domestic wire fee is $25.00 per outgoing transfer.
For international wires, the daily wire cut-off time is 1:30PM (MT).
The international wire fee is $50.00 per outgoing transfer.

Funds never pass though Rocket Dollar directly.

Ongoing Responsibilities

The Rocket Dollar Investment Tracker, accessible from your Rocket Dollar Dashboard, is for annual fair market value (FMV) reporting