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How do I fill out my W-9 properly for my IRA LLC?

If you have a single-member IRA LLC, you need to fill out the W-9 differently than an individual or a normal LLC. Make sure to fill out the correct custody partner on line 1.

Line 1 -

If you are using our Custodian Partner IRA Trust Co.

  • IRAR Trust Co. FBO FirstName LastName IRA Acct# (Example account number would be 89-12345)

If you are using our Custodian Partner Solera National Bank

  • Solera Natl Bank, CUST for Firstname Lastname, Trad IRA (or ROTH IRA).

Line 2 - your IRA LLC name.

  • Usually, this is your first initial and last name unless you requested a custom LLC "FLast RD LLC"

Line 3 - You will check the very first box for a sole proprietorship or single-member LLC.

Line 4 - 1, just the number in the exempt payee code

  • 1 is the exemption number described as :

Line 5 - You will enter in the address for the LLC (e.g., 1111 Anywhere Avenue).

Line 6 - You will enter in the City/State/AZ for the LLC

Part 1 - Use the EIN number of your LLC within your IRA.

Part 2 - Make sure to include "Signature, Manager"

  • You are the manager of the LLC, so be sure to include yourself as a manager

Here’s a link to download and print a blank W-9 from the IRS


W9 IRA LLC 2019 Image