Tax Reporting

If my investment issuer requests a W-9, how do I fill out my W-9 properly for my IRA LLC?

Sometimes an investment issuer might ask for a W-9 on your IRA LLC in order to do tax reporting.

Why would I fill out a W-9?

If you have a single-member IRA LLC, you need to fill out the W-9 differently than an individual or a normal LLC. Investment issuers might need extra information in order to complete tax reporting for your investment and the issuer's 1099.

Do I have to do any special taxes for my IRA LLC?

No. If you are not taking distributions from the IRA, you should not have to add additional parts of your IRA LLC to a tax return. 

Filling out the W-9

Line 1 - (make sure to select the right custody partner)

If you are using our Custodian Partner Solera National Bank

  • Solera Natl Bank, CUST for Firstname Lastname, Trad IRA (or ROTH IRA).

If you are using our Custodian Partner Goldstar Trust

  • Goldstar Trust Co. FBO FirstName LastName IRA Acct#

If you are using our Custodian Partner IRAR Trust Co.

  • IRAR Trust Co. FBO FirstName LastName IRA Acct# (Example account number would be 89-12345)

    Line 2 - your IRA LLC name.

    • Usually, this is your first initial and last name unless you requested a custom LLC "FLast RD LLC"

    Line 3 - You will check the very first box for a sole proprietorship or single-member LLC.

    Line 4 - 1, just the number in the exempt payee code

    • 1 is the exemption number described as :

    Line 5 - You will enter in the address for the LLC (e.g., 1111 Anywhere Avenue).

    Line 6 - You will enter in the City/State/AZ for the LLC

    Part 1 - Use the EIN number of your CUSTODIAN in the box.

    • If you custodian is Solera Bank, input:# 84-4416888
    • If you custodian is IRAR Trust, input: # 83-1624780
    • If your custodian is Goldstar Trust, input: # 74-2557688

    Part 2 - Make sure to include " Your name Signature, Manager"

    • You are the manager of the LLC, so be sure to include yourself as a manager on all areas of investment paperwork. 

    Here’s a link to download and print a blank W-9 from the IRS


    W9 RD 2020