Rocket Dollar Core and Rocket Dollar Gold

What is the difference between Rocket Dollar Gold and Rocket Dollar Core?

Rocket Dollar Core is a basic checkbook control retirement account that you can fund and purchase investments. Rocket Dollar Gold is for customers who prefer a white glove experience from start to finish for an active investor.


Rocket Dollar Core: $360 sign up, $15 a month

Rocket Dollar Gold: $600 sign up, $30 a month

What about upgrades and downgrades?

If you upgrade to Gold after fulfillment, you simply move from $15 > $30 a month. 

If you upgrade during fulfillment, you will pay the difference between Core and Gold, assuming any discounts applied. For example, $360+$240 and then $30 a month.

If you want to downgrade from Gold, you can do so after one year. 


The products are the same. You can use Rocket Dollar Core or Gold for any product at Rocket Dollar. IRA, Solo 401(k) can both be bought with Core and Gold, SEP-IRA is Gold only. Our "California IRA" with no LLC, and no checkbook control and setup to directly custody assets at our trust/custody partner is Gold only, but avoids high taxes in California on LLCs.

Service Differences

  • Phone Support - Rocket Dollar Gold customers always receive priority service and priority phone support. Rocket Dollar Core customers can always email support or schedule a phone call and support will get back within 24 hours.
  • Expedited Service - Rocket Dollar Gold Customers always receive expedited service on their account fulfillment and transfers. This means that all accounts will be worked on first every day, with the goal of getting an account funded in 15 days. Core customers can still get their accounts open in 2-4 weeks to fund investments. 
  • Wire Fees - Other than the $15 a month, basic use of the account usually does not run into any other fees than an outgoing $25 wire fee from our partner bank. For more active investors that purchase a Gold account, Rocket Dollar will cover four wires a year. Any customer can use ACH transfers up to $100,000.
  • Customization -  Every IRA LLC and Solo 401(k) plan name is standardized and should be easy for your investment sponsor to accept. For some of those with a significant amount of investment activity, customizing their IRA or Solo 401(k) name can provide a smoother investment experience when dealing with parties like real estate brokers, renters, lenders, etc. (no LLC with our California Direct Custody IRA)
  • Checkbook - Rocket Dollar Gold customers receive a custom made checkbook for their retirement account. Rocket Dollar Core Customers can always order one from our partner bank if they wish, but are on their own for their order and fees associated with it. (not with California Direct Custody IRA)
  • Debit Card  - Rocket Dollar Gold customers automatically receive a debit card for the Rocket Dollar account (not included with California Direct Custody IRA)
  • Tax Services - Rocket Dollar Gold customers can receive walkthrough guidance on a Mega Roth Strategy, Roth Conversions, and the form 5500 will be automatically completed for Solo Gold 401(k) customers. Core customers must complete their own form 5500.